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Medical Billing Services In Pennsylvania

Our Pennsylvania billers provide accurate billing and coding, insurance follow-up, account receivables, and improved profitability for your practice.

Operating a medical practice in Pennsylvania is difficult no matter where you practice. You may not only deal with day-to-day operations and patient care, but you can also spend quality time on hospital billing activities such as filling out paperwork, sending claims to insurance companies, and following up unresolved claims. That is where I-Med claims facilitates with its medical billing and coding services. We also cover the surrounding states of Pennsylvania, such as Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, Erie, and Reading. 

Medical Billing Services

Best Medical Billing Company In Pennsylvania

The healthcare industry has expanded significantly, and billing company must provide the following services to fulfill the criteria and retain optimal revenue. We are a premier full-service billing company in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, Erie, and Reading, PA, that handles all parts of running a professional healthcare practice reasonably. Our dedicated staff has provided premier hospital billing and general care billing services to practitioners in Pennsylvania. Our team will ensure that your bills are filed correctly and there are no errors in your claims. 

Benefits Of Our Medical Billing Services In Pennsylvania

how to prepare your practice for medical billing audit?
  • We assist healthcare practitioners in reducing spending and payer denials.
  • We lower personnel costs and minimizes human resource issues.
  • We help you reach your medical billing objectives.
  • We help you get your insurance claims faster and improve cash flow.
  • We provide a transparent approach for staying updated about claims and reasons for delays.
  • Our experienced staff expertly handles medical claims on the first submission. 
  • We have customized billing reports.
  • We optimize revenue cycle management and reduce additional costs.
Specialty-Focused Medical Billing Services In Pennsylvania

If you’re looking for medical billing solutions, we are a full-service medical billing company that serves physicians in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, Erie, and Reading, PA. Our knowledge of medical billing processes can help your business expand consistently. Our staff has expertise and knowledge in different medical specialties such as:

Accounts Receivables Services In Pennsylvania

Accounts receivable services enable the organization to receive money more rapidly. An organization must have a compelling accounts receivables procedure to ensure that payments are received within a specific time frame to achieve cash flow requirements. We employ professionals who use effective strategies to collect debts. We understand businesses experience issues during the billing process, particularly with A/R follow-up. We reduce these obstacles by remaining updated on current claims in Pennsylvania.

Eligibility Verification Services In Pennsylvania

One of the essential components in the revenue cycle is eligibility and benefits verification. We know that a patient’s eligibility and benefits might change, increasing claim denials and revenue loss. The healthcare practitioners must verify each patient’s eligibility and benefits. We provide eligibility verification services in Pennsylvania to ensure a consistent and accurate verification procedure. Our professionals will follow up with insurance providers regularly and monitor any changes.

Credentialing Services In Pennsylvania

Provider credentialing is the process of becoming linked with payers. We work hard to detect and address possible administrative issues before affecting your provider payments. Our team in Pennsylvania correctly handles provider credentialing by evaluating the appropriate documentation, filling out the necessary paperwork, and following up until they are credentialed. Our team has the expertise, skill, training, and time to concentrate on the details to guarantee you are entirely certified.

Denial Management Services In Pennsylvania

The Denial Management process identifies and resolves the issue causing denials, hence shortening the accounts receivable cycle. Denied claims frequently represent lost or delayed income. Medical practices lose up to 25% of their revenue related to unpaid claims, which is simply due to neglecting to resubmit or appeal rejected claims. Our medical billers in Pennsylvania must analyze, take corrective action, and file an appeal with the payer to effectively appeal denied claims.  

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