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We understand that transparency and expert knowledge are essential to the success of your chiropractic practice.


Why outsource chiropractic medical billing services to I-Med Claims?

I-Med Claims offers a dependable and effective medical billing service. We have years of experience in medical billing and coding services. Also, the company is a HIPAA compliant chiropractic billing company that adheres to the uniform billing method. We use various licensed software and actual paper trails to meet billing objectives with extreme precision, ensuring that your claims are not rejected. Our low-cost billing services are simple on your wallet, regardless of the size of your budget. By selecting us as your billing partner, you can save up to 30% time & expense while also receiving 24/7 support with a single devoted point of contact to stay up to date on the project and get answers to your questions. 

Benefits to hire i-med claims

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Utilizing Best Practices In Chiropractic Medical Billing And Coding Services

If you’re thinking about outsourcing your chiropractic billing, you should choose a billing and coding expert who can be a real partner in your economic success. I med claims is a medical billing company that provides chiropractic billing and integrative health support. We understand that transparency and expert knowledge are essential to the success of your chiropractic practice. Our team brings expert knowledge of the most recent chiropractic CPT codes and best billing practices to enhance your insurance reimbursement rates. We’ll get your accounts paid quickly and reduce denials to help you focus on expanding your chiropractic practice and offering the best customer support to your patients.

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Why Choose I-Med Claims As A Chiropractic Billing Service Partner?

  • Accurate and timely reporting. Provide a multi-tier claim overview to ensure that all necessary fields are filled out precisely and accurately.
  • Bills are coded accurately with second-level review and can provide error-free codes for clean claims.
  • Billing claims are written with the most significant specificity possible to ensure that all information is available for complete reimbursements.
  • Maintaining current awareness of the various windows third-party payers require to file insurance claims.
  • Accurate and timely reporting.

The key features of outsourcing chiropractic billing Services to
I-Med Claims

Selecting a skilled chiropractic insurance billing service partner can make a significant difference by simplifying and reducing redundancy in your healthcare practices and processes. Working with us is the best option for you because of the following reasons:

Expertise Billing Service 

We understand the complexities of each major insurer’s rules and codes because our coding and billing techniques can remove claims rejection and increase your revenue.

Service Transparency

It is often difficult for a business to believe billing companies without substantive evidence, and we fully comprehend that concern. To alleviate this concern, our first objective is to guarantee that our clients are confident in selecting us as their billing and coding partner. Our end-to-end solutions are transparent, giving you confidence both during and after the service for as long as required.

Reasonable Prices

You will receive chiropractic insurance billing services from skilled and experienced medical billing and coding experts at a low cost. We offer highly configurable pricing options that are measured based on the resources used, the quantities of billing maintained, the time required to complete, and so on.

Ensured Data Security

When you consider outsourcing chiropractic billing to us, we are responsible for your patients’ information security. We make sure that sensitive data is only accessible to authorized coders. This metric assists us in avoiding intentional accounting irregularities or threats to data security, resulting in revenue damages.


When you have billing issues, we realize how important it is to be understood. With this in mind, we provide separate support via email or phone calls, ensuring that your questions are answered and mitigated as soon as possible by our management teams.

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