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You will gain access to effective billing and collections for your urgent care practice using our urgent care billing service.


Urgent care billing services and revenue cycle management

I-MedClaims has extensive experience offering offshore urgent care billing solutions for a range of US-based urgent care facilities. Our urgent care billing specialists have a comprehensive understanding of the complications involved in submitting urgent care claims and have an in-depth knowledge of reimbursement regulations. We apply these skills to simplify your billing process and ensure optimum reimbursements in the shortest time. You are not alone if you are an urgent care group emphasized and overloaded with medical billing, profitability, income, and physician practice management. When it comes to urgent care medical billing and practice operations, suppliers of acute care services have special requirements. Our urgent care medical billing automation strategies significantly improve speed, maximize revenue and streamline physician practice management.

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Do You Want To Enhance Your Clinic’s Collections By Streamlining Your Urgent Care Billing Process?

Surgeons work long and hard to master their specialization, and not one made that effort so they could spend hours every day sorting out billing issues. Doctors spend up to 25 percent of their time on paperwork, and unfortunately, that is an increasing trend. Outsourcing medical billing and coding has proven to be a massive relief for many surgical practices.

Urgent Care Medical Billing Services

Why Should You Choose I-Med Claims for Urgent Care Billing?

Outsourcing urgent care billing services to us can provide you with numerous benefits that you can take full advantage of. Some of the main reasons why you should choose us as your urgent care billing service provider are as follows:

Viable pricing packages

We assist our clients by providing highly flexible and affordable pricing plans that suit their business requirements.

HIPAA compliant

We only work extensively after signing a HIPAA agreement with the client and ensuring that all patient-related information is safe.

Highest quality Infrastructure

We recognize the value of decent infrastructure and have direct connections to cutting-edge tools and technologies, as well as global workspaces.

Specialized Manager

Once you choose to work with us, we will assign you a dedicated manager who will be your primary point of contact for all of your requirements.

Quick Reversal time

We perform thorough various delivery locations worldwide, allowing us to provide high-quality services promptly.

Extremely Scalable

We have the resources and throughput to massively increase service needs and scale up team size as customer’s request.

Billing expert

We are one of the most skilled and experienced urgent care billing specialists on the panel who can quickly meet all of your needs.

Why Choose I-Med Claims For Your Urgent Care Medical Billing Services Partner?

  • We can assist you in increasing your revenue while keeping your facility running correctly.
  • Allow us to assist you in establishing an easy-to-use medical billing system that also makes it simple for clients to understand how much they will have to pay cash for specific treatment methods.
  • We will make sure that you have a good working relationship with the various health insurance companies you are affiliated with.
  • Leave the problematic administrative duties to us and concentrate on your key processes.
  • Examine all documentation for a medical reason, adherence, accuracy, and reimbursable claims.
  • Our team employs structured billing processes and stringent quality control procedures to guarantee error-free urgent care billing services.
Urgent Care Medical Billing

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