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Wound Care Billing Services

Wound care billing necessitates actual coding and billing skills and experience. We will manage the complex nature of the ever-changing wound care billing services rules and regulations.

Why Outsource Wound Care Billing Services to
I-med claims Solutions?

We are a global leader in providing clients with wound care medical billing services. We collaborate closely with our clients to understand their billing concerns fully. Then we develop cost-effective and timely solutions that give our clients a competitive advantage in their industry. Our qualified professional coders have extensive experience collecting the maximum compensation for our clients. If you want to increase the profitability of your business, all you have to do is contact us. With our services, you may increase your revenue while decreasing your expenses. We implement solid protocols that simplify our wound care billing services, making them more effective and cost-effective. Outsourcing wound care billing services can lower overhead costs, boost payments, and eliminate claim denials and rejection.

Benefits to hire i-med claims

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Complete Solution for
Wound Care Revenue Cycle Management

Critical points of choosing us as a best medical billing company

  • Quick superbill, patient registration process, and billing systems.
  • Charge masters review and guidance regularly.
  • Design and revisions to the Superbill.
  • Documentation and coding training is available from providers.
  • Staff education on billing and modifiers.
  • Insurance optimization.
  • Review of charts regularly.
  • Examine the diagnosis coding.
  • Analysis of remittances.
  • Supply chain Management.
  • Cost-benefit analysis.
Wound Care Billing
Wound Care Billing Service

We Can Assist You with Revenue Cycle Management

Another area in which we can assist you with your wound care practice is revenue management. We provide consultancy services to assist you in streamlining your in-house revenue management system. We’ll bring in the most recent software application. Remove the obsolete software and procedures while helping you identify the areas of revenue leakage. We will also help you properly train your staff to boost the practice’s earnings.

We provide two service models: one for outsourced billing and coding and another for revenue management consulting:

  • The paradigm of outsourced billing and coding services allows clinicians to delegate their billing and coding duties to us and devote the time formerly devoted to administrative tasks on medical care.
  • Our revenue management consulting services assist in the streamlining of in-house revenue management by removing outdated procedures, recommending possible software applications to replace the former ones, and identifying the areas for employee training and revenue leakage to help connect them.

Advantages of our Wound Care medical billing and coding service

We are a leading provider of wound care specializing in delivering accurate, dependable, and quick billing services. Our team is well-versed in the complexities of wound care billing and understands the critical need to use the correct codes and paperwork to guarantee that our clients receive the highest reimbursement in the shortest amount of time. Other advantages of using our services include:

Reasonable Pricing

We handle wound care billing efficiently and cost-effectively, resulting in lower expenditures.

Data Safety

We are a HIPAA compliant billing firm with strict security standards. 


Our billing team uses all medical billing and coding software systems designed exclusively for wound care needs.

High-Quality Services

Our rigorous quality assurance systems ensure that you always obtain maximum reimbursements and faster payments.

Quick turn-around

We are a top provider of wound care billing services and always provide our products on time.

Robust processes

Our practical and systematic wound care billing methods make dealing with attorneys unnecessary.

Team of Experts

Our team has years of experience in wound care billing and offers excellent customer support and service.

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