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We have a proven track record of assisting behavioral and mental health practices in managing and improving their income.


Why outsource mental and behavioural Health Billing Services to I-Med claims?

We have years of experience in mental health billing services and has developed the ability to resolve most billing difficulties in the healthcare sector. Our mental health billing solutions are HIPAA-compliant, which aids in collecting revenue from clients and insurance companies. We handle all administrative procedures, giving you the privilege of being free of time-consuming chores. Furthermore, we can train your team members to efficiently manage data entry so that any mistakes can be verified and pinched at the origin. We offer a wide range of healthcare BPO services, including revenue cycle management and account receivable

Benefits to hire i-med claims

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The Billing Process for Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and Behavioral Health Services

Our billing service adheres to a strict and proprietary billing methodology explicitly developed for mental health professionals, psychologists, and therapists. We begin by examining your practice for RCM discrepancies and potential revenue streams. We then established and configured your software under best practices, which improves workflows and maximizes revenue. Finally, we assign a psychiatry or mental health billing expert to your approach to handle and monitor our proven process and conduct all billing features.

Behavioral Health Billing Services
Psychology Billing Services

Influence the Productivity and Accuracy of Your Mental Health Billing Services

I-Med Claims is a leading company in comprehensive third-party mental health billing outsourcing. Our robust revenue collection process has assisted several mental health service providers in maximizing their revenue potential on time.

We have a team that specializes in mental health medical billing services. We employ the best mental health coders and billers in the industry to provide cutting-edge data-driven methods and enhance your income generation. Our team comprises seasoned people, including former mental health providers, who are familiar with the business challenges associated with mental health practices.

Behavioral and Mental Health Billing Protocols

  • Our team is up to date on HIPAA regulations for behavioral and mental health billing and coding. 
  • We guarantee prior authorization of the patient’s enrolment and benefits with mental health insurance.
  • Our medical billers and coders instantly recognize the ICD codes for behavior and mental health, allowing us to submit smooth claims.
Mental Health Medical Billing Services

The Most Important Aspects of Our Mental Health Billing Services

When you outsource mental health billing services to I med claims, we go a step further by learning about your patient’s demographics and insurance coverage. We are a preferred partner for behavioral health billing for the following reasons:

Certified Mental Health Billing Organization

We are one of the few mental health billing companies that has received certification for the quality services provided to global mental healthcare facilities. Our billing methodologies align with the international organization for regulatory compliance. We also follow HIPAA compliance standards to keep your firm’s service in line with the rules of insurance payers.

High Accuracy and Quality Service

Our mental health billing strategy aims to improve your collection from payers and patients by providing accurate invoices for mental health services. We also verify whether the coding is appropriately mapped to the services and if the insurance rules are current and strictly followed during the billing process.

Medical Billing Software

To reduce billing errors, we use advanced billing software. We can improve the efficiency of your practice by providing features that enable high reimbursement rates through compliance checks, accurate data capture, and correct coding practices.

Secure Data Exchange 

We can keep track of information transferred from your end because we use a secure FTP and VPN. We safely move invoices, health records, prescription medicines, approvals, and other related documents to a cloud network using end-to-end encryption, keeping your data safe from unauthorized components.

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