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I-Med Claims LLC is the best medical billing company that offers unmatched value-added medical billing services across the continuum of more than 30 specialties & medical billing software at a surprisingly cost-effective rate.

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I-Med Claims LLC is a full-service medical billing company offering customized solutions to practices in the USA.

Our experts enable medical practices to improve the bottom line with effective billing approach.

We offer medical billing solutions that enable your practice to boost profitability. Simultaneously, it makes your practice productive as you get payments at a faster rate. Partnering with I-Med Claims LLC streamlines your practice cash flow and enhance operational efficiency.

As a result

It helps you thrive in the modern healthcare marketplace. In addition, claim rejections can adversely affect your practice cash flow. So, if you need to optimize your billing, talk to our experts and get rid of revenue losses.

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In addition

Under the current healthcare paradigm in the US, practices need to focus on quality care. Therefore, leave the billing to us and focus on your patients to gain competitive edge over the others. Also, you can maximize revenue  and improve the bottom line.

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to empower medical practices to attain the revenue for each service they render. We make sure that practices achieve a higher reimbursement rate by filing the claims timely. In addition, we ensure that practices avoid claim denials, inaccurate coding approach and loopholes in the billing process. As a result, the practices can grow their earnings while reducing costs.

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