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We can release your primary care physicians to participate in family practice without frustration or adverse patient experiences by taking care of your billing requirements.


Why outsource family practice medicine billing services to I-Med Claims?

We are the most trusted healthcare BPO services provider. We are a HIPAA compliant company that provides family practice billing services to local and offshore clients. Our professional and experienced medical billing experts can manage almost any medical billing challenging problem in the shortest period. We use various billing techniques that can be tailored to your specific billing requirements. Because we reduce the risk of claims refusal, our process accuracy ensures higher reimbursement. We also provide pharmacy business, healthcare claims adjudication, medical transcription, and various other benefits concerning family practice billing services.

Benefits to hire i-med claims

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Our Process of Family Medicine Practice Billing

Family medicine practice billing is dependent on complete and rapid documentation as well as communication with patients and insurers. We can assist with billing and follow-up when you choose to collaborate with a billing agency such as I med claims. We bill insurance companies and clients while adhering to HIPAA and any other federal and state regulations, allowing you to focus on what is most important – your patients. You can depend on us for appropriate compilations and billing preservation, which will save you time and trouble in the follow-up process while raising your income. Our billing process include:

Verification of Eligibility and Preauthorization

We will verify medical justification, adherence, and data integrity to determine patient eligibility and preauthorize treatment.

Submission of Claims

We will accept the claims to insurance companies once we have determined that the data provided is accurate and error-free. We will inform you once the insurer has received the relevant documents.

Payment posting

The refunded amount will be deposited into the patient’s consideration, along with declarations for further reconciliation. In addition, a report will be prepared for records management purposes.

Payment Verification

We will verify the reimbursed amount to guarantee that you are properly compensated for the services provided to patients and that all billed components are covered without conflict.

Denial Handling

If any claim rejection or underpayment is examined, we will follow up with insurance companies to ensure that your practice is adequately reimbursed.

Partner with our medical billing company and take opportunities of financial advantages

  • HIPAA observance.
  • Lowered turnaround time.
  • Regular quality control checks.
  • Reports are provided on a daily, monthly, and weekly basis.
  • Solutions based on the client’s or our software.
  • There are no long-term yearly contracts.
  • Modern software applications and technology
  • Updates on changing compliance regularly.
Family Practice Medical Billing Services

Why should you choose us for Family Practice Billing Services?

We have years of experience in medical billing and completely HIPAA compliant to guarantee that your billing procedures are handled professionally for quicker and comprehensive reimbursement of charges for family practice care. The following are some of the other reasons we are being considered for family practice billing:

Data Security Management

Your data’s safety is a significant concern. As a result, we have increased our efforts to prevent unauthorized access to your patient’s health information. We follow a highly structured procedure from down-streaming patient data via the Cloud to transmitting invoices and claims to your insurer. 

Precision and dependability

We can guarantee complete compliance so that the insurer processes your claims as quickly as possible. Once the billing has been completed within the time frame specified, our team of quality assurance experts will conduct a thorough assessment to ensure a 98 percent clean claim.


The billing services for family practices are easily customizable. That provides you with multiple opportunities to tailor our service to your budget and patient volume. Depending on current requirements, we can scale up or down.

Flexible Pricing Options

Our family practice billing services are reasonably priced for low- and medium practices with fewer patients. We can explain the process of service customization to ensure that you get the most out of our services.

One Point of Contact

We will designate a care supervisor who will work directly with our billing team to produce timely family practice billing reports. Having a proper project manager will save you time waiting for updates. 

A Skilled Team of Family Practice Billing Professionals

We have a team of qualified medical billing experts who are well-versed in the terminology, HIPAA compliances, and billing guidelines that have evolved over the years. With over ten years of domain experience, our team of 500+ medical billing specialists can accomplish the work on time.

Cutting-edge infrastructure

Our modern facility is outfitted with the most up-to-date technology and hardware for handling family practice billing in a timely and secure way.

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