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Hipaa Compliant Medical Billing Services for Private Practices

Medical billing is a crucial part of any healthcare practice. It plays a pivotal role in revenue enhancement. Our experienced billers proactively follow an effective claim submission approach to avoid claim denials. As a result, your practice can find the problems in billing and address them with an efficient billing approach.

benefits of medical billing

Increase Cash Flow

Enhancing the cash flow can make your practice profitable and increase the revenue

Minimize Billing Errors

Reducing the errors in billing leads to submitting clean claims resulting in a higher reimbursement rate

patient saTIsfaction

Satisfied patients can refer more patients leading to greater revenues for your practice

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Medical Billing Services In New York
Denial management in medical billing

Why medical practices lose revenue and face claim rejections?

Primary reasons of losing revenue are inaccurate billing, errors in documentation, and lack in monitoring the claims process. Healthcare practices lose revenue if the claim submission approach is ineffective. Also, if they are following an inefficient billing method, they can lose revenue.

Does your practice face problems in billing?

If yes, consult our experts which follow an effective claims submission approach that deliver results. In addition, you can maximize reimbursements which enhances the entire billing process. As a result, you are able to get paid for services you render.
medical billing errors and solutions

Simplified billing processes & transparent reporting tools for higher claims acceptance.

Let I-Med Claims handle your billing so you can focus on delivering quality care to patients. Also, our experts fulfill all the HIPAA requirements and manage all the complexities associated
with the medical billing.

We are the best medical billing company that offers customized and best RCM Solutions across 50 States of the US, i.e Medical Billing Services in California, Texas, Florida, Alaska, New York and other states. 

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