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Cardiology Billing Services

We leverage our many years of experience working with world-class cardiology institutions and hospitals to enhance your revenue cycle. Our team conducts an end-to-end study of bottlenecks in your billing process and recommends practical methods to convert them into revenue.


Why Outsource Cardiology Medical Billing Services to
I-med claims Solutions?

The foundation of the healthcare revenue cycle system is cardiology medical billing, and it’s a service that adds value to a cardiologist’s practice. When you outsource cardiology medical billing to us, we provide various services that let you focus on patient outcomes.

Our comprehensive cardiology billing programs help you maximize collections while complying with government rules and private payer standards. We have years of experience in medical billing and coding services, and we have been assisting cardiology practices in being paid faster and getting paid more. Our trained staff of AAPC-certified coding and billing professionals will guarantee that all processes, from patient registration to charge filing, run smoothly. We offer complete medical billing services to assist cardiology practices and groups in meeting regulatory requirements, private payer requirements, and the difficulties of operating a facility

Benefits to hire i-med claims

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To expedite billing functions, we deploy modern cardiac medical billing software. The cardiac medical billing services provided by us are as follows:

  • Management of Denials
  • Follow-up on Accounts Receivable (AR)
  • Verification of Insurance Eligibility
  • Electronic Referral 
  • Scrubbing of Claims
  • Cardiology Coding for Medical Procedures 
  • Software for Customized Reporting 
  • Pre-authorization
Cardiology Medical Billing Services
Cardiology Medical Billing Services

Key features of choosing us as a best medical billing company

Your cardiology practice requires a staff of professional and certified coders and billers who are knowledgeable about cardiovascular services, terminology, and procedures, and we are the ones who can provide the quality service as follows:

  • Quicker Reimbursement
  • Increased Cash Flow
  • Assistance with cardiology documentation audits
  • Collections at their peak
  • Quality control is strictly enforced at all times. HIPAA observance
  • Monthly financial statements
  • Savings on overhead expenditures of 30-40%

Advantages of our Cardiology medical billing and coding service

We consider our work seriously as a reputable cardiac medical billing company. We transform your regular billing difficulty into promising outcomes by utilizing innovative automation solutions and professional resources. Perhaps we have more reasons for you to select us –

Data Security Management

Nobody knows the value of privacy more than we do in medical billing. We make sure that your clinical data is only available to those directly involved with the project. We keep your information on a secure network protected by a barrier.

Precision and dependability

With the initial submission, you can expect a 98 percent clean claim. We ensure that you do not have to deal with claims denial because of our error-free and precise billing processes.

Rapid turnaround

Each claim submission is an organized system so that insurers can handle it quickly. Outsourcing cardiac medical billing to us can result in a 35% faster turnaround.


When you acquire our services, we consider your future demands. With the risk of facing more significant issues as the market develops, your billing system may need to adapt to meet the increased demands. We always create effective solutions that allow for rapid scalability.

Cardiology Billing and Coding Specialists 

With AAPC-certified billing specialists on staff, we never run out of the greatest minds in the field who are familiar with the ICD, HCPCS, and CPT coding systems. We meticulously handle billing to ensure larger reimbursements.

Cutting-edge infrastructure

Our experts are supported by the most advanced billing technologies available, housed in our cutting-edge infrastructure. Our knowledge centers are developed with two primary considerations: security and speed of service.

Data Transfer Security

If you need to transmit data without worry, you need specialists like us since we employ VPN and encrypted FTP, allowing us to send any amount of data without fear.


You can get round-the-clock assistance via phone, email, or chat at no extra cost. Our employees will assist you most appropriately for your requirements in your local time zone.

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