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Our Urology billing services simplify and expedite the urology billing procedure, providing you with dependable solutions.

Why Outsource Urology Billing Services to I-med claims Solutions?

We offer urology providers complete billing, collections, and practice management solutions. We provide an initial assessment of your practice and accounts receivable, and we make it simple to get started – because we’re serious about getting you paid! We have a team of billing experts with extensive experience and skill capabilities. Our billing specialists use cutting-edge urology billing methods and equipment to give the best urological billing services in the industry, propelling us to the top of the urology billing service provider list. Our qualified billing professionals perform the following tasks:

  • Providing complete receivables management
  • Reviewing claims within 12 hours
  • Checking eligibility depending on the system
  • Performing quarterly coding updates
  • Scrubbing claims using a system-based approach
  • Managing all billing inquiries
  • Performing routine quality assurance checks
  • Regular meetings to discuss progress and review reports
  • Providing monthly reports 

Benefits to hire i-med claims

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Complete Solution for
Urology Revenue Cycle Management

key points of choosing us as a best medical company

  • We can help you enhance your financial performance.
  • We can help you to increase revenue and collections.
  • Payments have been accelerated, and stress levels have been decreased.
  • Access to your patient records and financial information.
  • Clarity throughout the revenue cycle allows you to know where your cash is.
  • Comprehensive financial and practice management reporting.
  • The assurance and comfort of understanding that professionals manage to bill and that refunds and income will be received.
  • Customized process automation solutions ensure that activities are taken to maximize return.
Urology Billing
urology medical billing and coding

Our expertise in urology medical billing, and coding

Our urology billing and coding expertise are well-versed in urology billing and coding subtleties. We have created a set of urology-specific best practices that assist you in reducing denials and improving collections. Our billing and coding staff is well-trained and stays current on changes in urological codes and payer regulations. That guarantees that our file claims are correct and do not cause payment delays. We also know the claims denial process and can quickly and effectively appeal rejected allegations to prompt reimbursement.

Advantages of our Urology medical billing and coding service

There are various advantages of outsourcing urology medical billing services to I med claims Solutions. When you have the top urological billing business on your side, you can expect uncompromised quality at reasonable pricing. There are numerous other advantages to cooperating with us, which are stated below –

Price Variation

We are the most cost-effective urology billing service provider in the healthcare BPO industry. Our well-established infrastructure allows us to supply you with the most excellent services at the most affordable prices.

Data Safety

We provide HIPAA-compliant urological billing services. We are highly dependable because we ensure comprehensive data security for our clients. Any information you submit to us is treated confidentially and securely.

Cutting-edge infrastructure

We have the current infrastructure to give extremely efficient urological medical billing service and support and expedite turnaround times, guaranteeing that projects are completed on schedule while providing consistent services.

Innovative Technology

We rely on cutting-edge resources and devices and current electronic systems to guarantee that all steps of the medical billing for urology procedure, from patient data entry to coding, are done satisfactorily and with the utmost care.

Rapid turnaround times

We guarantee speedy turnaround times since our urology billing professionals understand the complexities of coding and billing and use the proper tools to maximize the productivity of the billing process while also guaranteeing error-free claim submissions. That enables us to offer you services promptly.


We have a large staff of billing professionals and cutting-edge technologies. That enables us to give the best urological billing services even if the project needs to be scaled up.

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