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Polysomnography (sleep study) is a complete test for diagnosing sleep problems. It can be performed in the hospital’s sleep disorders unit or at a sleep clinic. Polysomnography examines your sleep phases and cycles to determine when and why your sleep patterns are disturbed.

Is your medical practice seeking to optimize the billing process for your sleep medicine practice? Are you looking for experienced medical billing experts who can easily handle your billing requirements? Then it would help if you considered outsourcing your billing services to a professional sleep medicine billing service provider.

We have some of the most skilled and experienced sleep medicine billing specialists on staff who can easily handle your issues and requirements. We use the most up-to-date medical billing tools and technologies to provide the highest quality services to our clients. We have the expertise to handle billing processes to ensure that you receive payments and refunds in time. We collaborate with your hospital to identify problem areas and build the most effective medical billing systems. Our sleep medicine billing services adhere to HIPAA standards and regulations. We use cutting-edge technology to generate precisely coded claims.

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Complete Solution for
Polysomnography Revenue Cycle Management

Medicare Coverage For A Sleep Study

Medicare covers sleep tests and studies when the doctor orders to examine to diagnose problems such as sleep apnea, narcolepsy, and parasomnia. Sleep studies can be performed at a sleep clinic or in your own home. Medicare part B will pay 80% of the cost for an in-home sleep test(HST) or in-center sleep study.

Complete Solution for Polysomnography Revenue Cycle Management

Sleep Study Coding Guidelines

Polysomnography services are billed using three CPT codes. Providers bill for diagnostic services using CPT code 95808 or 95810. CPT code 95811 is used by providers to bill for both full-night and split-night titration services. Sleep procedure is included in CPT codes 95782, 95783, 95808, 95810, and 95811.

Important Features to Consider when choosing Medical billing company

  • Enhance revenue.
  • Patient follow-up.
  • Regular audits.
  • Check-ups on claims.
  • Denial management.
  • Reduce administrative tasks.
  • Process claims faster. 

Our company meets the above-mentioned requirements. We provide revenue management solutions and medical billing procedures through effective coding and expertise-driven claim denial settlements with a highly trained and experienced team.

Polysomnography Revenue Cycle Management

Benefits of our Sleep Medicine billing services

You can gain access to several advantages by outsourcing sleep medicine billing services to us. Here are some of the main reasons you should choose us for your billing services:

Reasonable Prices

We assist our clients by providing highly efficient and reliable pricing options that suit their business needs and budget.
HIPAA Observance
We provide HIPAA compliant services which ensure that all patient-related data is managed by authorized personnel.

Expertise Medical Billers 

Our team consists of the most skilled and experienced medical billing specialists who can handle your issues related to billing and provide the best healthcare billing services.

Quick Turnaround

We provide high-quality services promptly from multiple delivery locations.

Excellent Infrastructure

We have access to the most up-to-date medical billing tools and international-standard office space.

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