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We ensure that our certified billers are always available to assist you in expediting payments and decreasing billing stress.


Why Is I-Med Claims a trending choice as an outsourcing partner?

We have one of the most experienced rheumatology billing specialists who can easily handle all of your billing needs. We use cutting-edge tools and technologies to provide the highest quality services to clients worldwide. We have a comprehensive, customized billing solution that can improve your collections and revenue through accurate and timely billing. Our specific management system ensures that you will increase your earnings, modernize your workflows, make better business and medical decisions, and reduce administrative pressures and operational costs

Benefits to hire i-med claims

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Complete Solution for
Rheumatology Revenue Cycle Management

Rheumatology billing and RCM services

We are the best option for increasing your profits and streamlining your rheumatology practice. We have created a revenue cycle management solution on a well-known healthcare skill platform, with the ability to reduce costs and maximize revenues through customized reimbursement. Our revenue cycle management is transparent, and each claim is handled with complete documented support and customized coding. We will provide you with comprehensive financial and practice management reports.

rheumatology billing
rheumatology medical billing

Essential Features to Consider when choosing a Medical billing company

We are a pioneer in delivering superior rheumatology billing services and various other medical billing and coding offerings to global clients. We have robust collection mechanisms with insurance companies, patients, and payment organizations to ensure that your practice receives the maximum refund possible. Our key features include:

  • Increased revenue and collections.
  • Quickly Payments
  • Transparent revenue cycle.
  • We have comprehensive financial and practice management reporting.
  • Our Certified Professional Coders will ensure that you receive the highest possible reimbursement.
  • Our service includes patient input, declarations, and follow-up.
  • Complete electronic claims management and AR management are also included.

Benefits of hiring us for rheumatology medical billing services

Outsourcing rheumatology billing services to us can gain access to several advantages. Here are some of the main reasons why you should choose us as your rheumatology billing service provider:

Variable Pricing

We offer our clients highly efficient and reliable pricing options tailored to their budget and business needs.

HIPAA compliant Services

We only begin a project after we have signed the HIPAA agreement. That guarantees that all patient-related data is kept secure and not disclosed to a third party.

Excellent Infrastructure

We recognize the value of having the best infrastructure and having access to the latest rheumatology billing software and global office spaces.

Committed Manager

If you choose to work with us, we will appoint you a dedicated manager who will be your single point of contact for your questions and concerns.

Error-free billing

We are a HIPAA-compliant company. That guarantees that all services provided by our team are of the highest quality and error-free.


We have the required resources and throughput to expand the service specifications and team size as needed by the client.

Billing Professionals 

We have some of the most skilled and experienced rheumatology billing experts who can meet all of your needs quickly and efficiently.

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