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Our goal is to provide superior radiology medical billing services that relieve you of the monotony of resolving claims and focus primarily on your patients.


Why Outsource radiology Services to I-med claims Solutions?

I-Med Claims has been one of the leading radiology medical billing outsourcing companies for over a decade, provides a broad range of Healthcare BPO services to global clients. We understand the difficulties in obtaining claim compensation. Our goal is to provide superior radiology medical billing services that relieve you of the monotony of resolving claims and focus primarily on your patients. We can effectively assist you with any requirements you may have. We have made medical billing services affordable to maximize our customers’ profits by lowering operational costs. We have made medical billing services cheap to maximize our clients’ profits by reducing operating costs. That helps to manage your billing procedures right away without incurring any initial outlay.

If you rule out the first option considering infrastructure, cost, and expertise, you should use radiology medical billing services. We believe the characteristics of your work entirely, whether you operate in a hospital, clinical laboratory, imaging center, or another facility. We offer comprehensive radiology medical billing and coding solutions that will assist you in submitting health claims on time, receiving reimbursement rapidly, and maintaining a consistent cash flow. We rely on the knowledge of our radiology medical billing experts as well as powerful radiology medical billing software.

Benefits to hire i-med claims

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Why Did You Choose I Med Claims As A radiology Billing Service Partner?

Use our radiology billing services and let us handle registration, verification, coding, and billing. We will assist you in getting your finances back on track by implementing a more efficient billing process. Our system ensures fewer claim denials and quicker reimbursements. Use our services to ensure that all of your payments are made on time and in the correct accounts. As a radiology medical billing company, we have executive functioning skills that increase our clients’ revenue while lowering compliance risks in today’s healthcare environment. We can reduce the risk of payment denials or missed costs, enhance the group’s bottom line, and free up the provider to focus on providing quality care. As your radiology billing partner, we provide a group of radiology billing experts with proven success and customer engagement.

Radiology medical billing
radiology billing

what our expert Radiology Medical Billing Professionals do

  • Providing comprehensive receivables management.
  • Processing claims within 12 hours.
  • Verifying eligibility based on the system.
  • Performing quarterly coding updates.
  • Scrubbing claims using a system-based approach.
  • Managing all billing inquiries.
  • Performing routine quality assurance checks.
  • Regular meetings to discuss progress and review reports.
  • Offering regular reports that are customizable

Radiologists Benefit From Our Radiology Billing Outsourcing Service in the Following Ways:

  • Recognize and strengthen weak points in your billing process to improve cash flow.
  • Our radiology billing services scrub claims daily to minimize denials and rejections.
  • Recognize all underpayments by comparing them to contracted rates regularly.
  • You can provide regular insight into your practice by delivering business intelligence regularly.
  • We can handle claim denials on radiography operations aggressively with our efficient protocols.
  • We have a high client retention rate as an outcome of our outstanding service,
  • We operate a transparent system that keeps you up to date regularly.
  • We do not change employees regularly, so you can be confident that the same skilled group will be working on your X-ray and Tomography procedures and others.

The Advantages of Outsourcing Radiology Medical Billing Services to I-MedClaims

I med claims has been a leading Radiology medical billing company, earning the belief of the largest and most prestigious healthcare clients. Our hands-on method and comprehensive follow-up processes will assist you with all of your collection methods and maximize the amount you are empowered to. The following are some of the benefits of outsourcing Radiology medical billing services to us:

Radiology Medical Billing Services at Reasonable Prices

We can provide customized radiology medical billing services based on the number of hours worked, the amount of work performed per unit, the percentage collected, and so on.

Cutting-edge infrastructure

In our workplaces, we have significant healthcare billing software, and in our delivery centers, we have the most up-to-date communication methods. Our workstations are outfitted with cutting-edge network features such as firewalls, secure VPN communication systems, virus protection, spam filters, and URL filtering.


Our Radiology medical billing specialists are skilled at determining the extent of the collection by utilizing various radiology billing software. They can increase your organization’s ROI by resolving general reimbursement concerns. It speeds up the insurance company’s computation of insurance claims. We have a 98 percent accuracy rate.

Increased Productivity

We will evaluate your financial and patient volume to know the extent and variation of the radiology medical billing offerings you require when you outsource radiology medical billing services to us. After investigating and verifying the medical codes, we devised a systematic approach to dealing with radiology medical claim denial. When you work with us, you will notice an immediate increase in your overall productivity.

Well-trained workforce

We have 50+ specialists on our healthcare and insurance support teams. They are talented at recovering unpaid radiology medical claims, increasing your organization’s cash flow. As a result, it will increase your net income.

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