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We have an experienced team that can handle all of your Prostheses billing and offload your concerns while providing you with the best medical billing services.


Why Is I-Med Claims a trending choice as an outsourcing partner?

We have been a pioneer in providing high-quality medical billing and coding services to clients worldwide. We are one of the most skilled and experienced billing experts on the panel who can quickly meet all of your needs. We have a professional team that can handle all of your Orthotics and Prosthetics claims. We assist you in focusing on your patients by offloading all of your concerns to us while providing you with actionable support. Our team ensures that all of your accounts with extensive experience and a versatile presence. We submit clean and efficient claims, which leads to fewer denials and enhanced collections. 

Benefits to hire i-med claims

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Prosthesis Revenue Cycle Management

Our Prostheses Billing and RCM services

Outsourcing prostheses medical billing and coding to a highly qualified revenue cycle management (RCM) company like us has demonstrated to be a stress-free solution that improves our clients’ income. All of our staff is also trained in HIPAA compliance, so you don’t have to be concerned about the security of patient data. We set the benchmark with simplified front-end efforts such as checking eligibility, communicating with the physician’s office for a valid Rx, accumulating all medical therapy notes, and planning equipment delivery. We will provide you with the highest productivity metrics, removing all of your practice management concerns.

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Important Features to Consider when choosing a Medical billing company

We are a full-service prosthesis billing and RCM provider that employs many dedicated, experienced billers. Our unique approach to medical billing contains our software, which ensures that all of the most recent codes are in the scheme. Our billers understand what to look for and how to avoid rejecting and denying the claims.

  • We will reduce your operational costs by 70% immediately.
  • Excellent client references.
  • Complete pre/post O&P billing support at $7/hour. 
  • 100% HIPAA compliance.
  • We have expertise in all significant O&P practice management systems.
  • Robust reporting under the client’s protocol.
  • Almost 20% of internal audits are completed without any client expense.

Benefits of hiring us for Prostheses Billing Service

By outsourcing prostheses billing services to us, you can gain access to several advantages. Some of the main reasons why you should choose us as your billing service provider are as follows:

Reasonable Prices

We offer our clients highly efficient and reliable pricing options tailored to their specific needs and budget.
HIPAA compliant services
We sign the HIPAA agreement with each client before beginning the project. That guarantees that all patient-related information is kept secure.

Excellent Infrastructure

We understand the value of good infrastructure and have access to the world office spaces and the most up-to-date tools and technologies.

Quick turnaround time

Our expert team operates from several delivery locations around the world. That enables us to provide high-quality services promptly.

Easy to Scale

Our team has the network capacity and resources to scale up the team size and service requirements.

Billing Professionals 

Our team consists of some of the most skilled and experienced prostheses billing specialists who can quickly meet all of your requirements.

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