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With our assistance, you can significantly reduce your AR days and the threat of medical claim rejection.

Why Should You Outsource Physical Therapy, Medical Billing, And RCM?

As a physical therapist, you understand that each patient has unique requirements that necessitate a sustainability policy tailored to their specific situation. Medical billing in your practice requires the same level of care and desire that you placed into your patients’ well-being. After all, coding, billing, and revenue cycle management are your company’s three most important financial aspects. We have years of experience in the medical billing sector. We work very closely with physical therapy organizations to advance a customized revenue cycle management approach to include physical therapists.

We also understand the significance of having a dedicated staff member check up on the payment process. Our team is well-versed in worker’s compensation regulations and is proficient at billing for physical therapy groups.

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Why Outsource Physical Therapy Billing Services To I-Med Claims?

We offer highly reliable physical therapy billing services to clients worldwide. We assist healthcare practitioners in streamlining their medical billing and coding processes to ensure that all claims are processed on time. We know the requirements to guarantee that all documentary evidence is accurate and complete. We offer our services from global facilities and ensure that you will always receive the most accurate and responsive physical therapy billing services when you consider outsourcing to us.

Physical Therapy billing
Physical Therapy billing services

Why Did You Choose I-Med Claims As A Physical Therapy Billing Service Partner?

  • Our medical billing and coding technicians are highly talented and work hard to provide our Physical Therapy clients with an efficient revenue cycle project.
  • Our client base spans 50 states and includes many hospitals, physician practices, and medical billing companies.
  • We process your claims accurately and quickly, giving you more time to concentrate on your patient populations and therapy practice.
  • Our primary goal is to focus mainly on your claims and follow up with the issues for timely reimbursement rates.
  • Our team has worked with various customers across the United States to create an efficient scheme that increases revenue by 30%.

The Advantages of outsourcing physical therapy billing services to I-Med Claims

We have extensive domain knowledge to provide high-quality physical therapy billing services. We have excellent attention to detail due to our understanding. To ensure higher efficiency, we can quickly resolve issues to simplify the whole physical therapy billing process. Here are some additional advantages to collaborating with us.

Reasonable pricing

We are physical therapy billing experts who offer our facilities at low prices, helping to ensure that you get your money’s worth.

Data Safety

We are an completely HIPAA compliant physical therapy billing company with strict security procedures.

Technologies and Tools

Our physical therapy billing team employs the most advanced software and methods to provide outstanding physical therapy billing services.

Quick turn-around

We are a leading provider of physical therapy billing services and will always complete our work by the deadline.

Reliable processes

We have physical therapy billing procedures in place that are simplified and thorough, allowing us to provide robust and reliable services.

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