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Pathology Billing Services

Pathology medical billing services by I-Med Claims providing clinical pathology billing and coding reimbursements on a budget

Pathology Billing Services by I-Med Claims LLC

Pathology is considered to be amongst the most crucial forms of healthcare that includes a variety of features including patient diagnosis, lab testing, and scientific healthcare provision. In other words, pathology can be considered as a bridge between modern science and medicine. It allows medical providers to be up-to-date with all infectious diseases and to get forehand information regarding their nature and treatment. 

Once the pathology healthcare provision is done, the laboratory & pathology diagnostics billing is to be done like any other form of healthcare. The common practice is that many memorial pathology consultants billing files for reimbursements to insurance companies are waiting for the process to be completed. This is also termed as the Revenue Cycle Management that consumes time, and impacts the working of doctors and clinics. 

Why Outsource Pathology Billing?

While providing quality pathology healthcare, doctors and clinics go through a number of complications and obstructions. To top it off, the billing process gets even more complicated. For example, the physicians billing for molecular pathology has unique and precise priorities as well as requirements to work effectively in the healthcare sector. As a result, the clinical pathology laboratories billing complicates things even further and contributes to stagnancy in the entire process. 

This is where I-Med Claims realizes the need for pathology healthcare providers to outsource their billing process. We have some of the best pathology billing consultants and experts working to provide pathology practices with the best billing solutions to solve their billing problems including procedural delays, claim denials, and RCM stagnancy.

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Types of Pathology Billing Services Worth Outsourcing

Here is a list of the few pathology billing types managed by I-Med Claims LLC.

Anatomic Pathology
Clinical Pathology
  • Autopsy pathology billing
  • Clinical Chemistry Pathology

  • Breast pathology billing
  • Hematopathology Pathology

  • Cytopathology pathology billing
  • Hemostasis Pathology

  • Gastrointestinal pathology billing

  • Immunology Pathology

  • Gynecologic pathology billing
  • Cytogenetics Pathology

  • Genitourinary pathology billing
  • Microbiology

  • Neuropathology billing
  • Molecular Pathology

  • pediatric pathology billing

  • Transfusion Medicine
  • perinatal pathology billing

  • Renal Pathology Billing

  • General Surgical Pathology


The Best Pathology Billing Services on a Budget

Pathology Billing Services

One of the most frequently asked questions regarding pathology billing services is related to the overall cost associated with it. Practices are highly concerned about getting ripped off by billing companies, and try to find pathology billing solutions according to their needs and requirements. 

Therefore, finding a good pathology billing service on a budget is a challenge and we’re here to tackle it. At I-Med Claims, we have some of the market’s most-experienced pathology billing experts working to grow your revenue, reduce claim denials, and improve the overall revenue cycle management. You’ll be surprised to know that we have a 99% claim denial rate and our pathology billing services fit your budget as well. We charge only 2.95% of the overall monthly collections and give you the best bang for your buck.

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Pathology Revenue Cycle Management

I-Med Claims: Your Pathology Billing Partner

In order to have a smooth revenue cycle management with effective pathology billing practices, it is imperative to build a strong partnership with a quality medical billing company such as I-Med Claims LLC. This is why we aim to build partnerships with clients to build strong communication that allows us to cover their medical billing in an adequate manner. We strive to provide value and contribute to the overall growth of practices in revenue and scope. 

After a partnership is established with a medical practice, our goal is to provide custom pathology billing solutions that cater to their needs. We realize that all pathology healthcare providers have different needs and requirements. For instance, skin pathology billing is done differently as compared to the clinical pathology lab billing. Hence, our pathology coding solutions are devised accordingly to cater to all problems associated with pathology billing.

Pathology Billing FAQs

A pathology billing company such as I-Med Claims LLC is a dedicated organization that provides pathologists billing for clinical labs in the pathology domain by filing their reimbursement claims in time and contributing to smooth revenue collection. 

Pathology is a highly sophisticated domain of healthcare and needs time and attention to be performed effectively. This is why pathologists tend to outsource their billing to various medical billing services for a smooth revenue cycle management. 

I-Med Claims is a pathologist billing company that has been billing for errored results pathology with such billing services to doctors, clinics, and healthcare facilities for a long time. With a 99% claim reimbursement rate, it is the best organization for your pathology billing and coding needs. 

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