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Why Outsource Nursing Home Services to I-med claims Solutions?

Finding staff to assist in proper practice management standards is a significant concern for nursing home billing. The goal should be to build a high-quality team that understands what it takes to provide actionable support for rapidly securing reimbursement rates. The pending bucket of your nursing home accounts receivable is frightening. If you are looking for a genuine partner who can convert your ROI with simplified Nursing home billing, I-Med Claims is the best solution for you. Keeping up with ever-changing billing laws and regulations, Skilled Nursing Facility Billing clearly shows to be one of the most challenging problems for physicians seeking companies hire for the following reasons:

  • Ensure Precision and Responsive Billing
  • Reduced Claims Denials
  • Enhanced Cash Flow

Medical coding and billing outsourcing have become a standard option for healthcare centers of all types, and it can be beneficial for all those who run nursing homes. We have experience in nursing home medical billing with certified coders and staff trained in HIPAA standard practice and billing procedures. We offer specialized innovative nursing home billing solutions, workflow, and medical billing procedures to meet our clients’ requirements. Our nursing home billing expertise will help you improve your workflow and business processes while achieving demands. We do have the potential to bring back your claim refusals and maintain optimum reimbursement.

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Why Do You Outsource Nursing Home Medical Billing and Coding?

Running a nursing home requires that medical personnel remain updated on patient care and be available to handle life-threatening conditions. That does not create an ideal environment for detailed paperwork, especially once staff is highly trained and expected to do more than just medical billing. It is far more efficient to assign nursing home medical billing services to experts in this area, allowing medical personnel to focus on patient care. These are just a few aspects that influence nursing home medical billing dilemmas.

The Dilemmas of Skilled Nursing Facility Billing

Producing skilled nursing facility(SNF) claims as part of consolidated billing requires codes. It is not covered by Medicare A. If   Medicare A does not cover everything, it may be covered by Medicare B. The SNF should indeed identify and bill for this separately.Payment on a per diem basis refers to a fixed amount paid by CMS to SNFs under Medicare A, by which SNFs pay contracted nursing service providers for their services.SNFs must now submit their claims as part of a centralized invoice under the Prospective Payment System (PPS). SNFs are paid on a per diem basis by Medicare A.Our medical billing services can help you increase your revenue by limiting the number of rejected and unpaid claims. Our billers can facilitate you with less documentation and more precise clinical claims to assist your practice run more effectively. Here are some of the facilities in which our billers have demonstrated their expertise:
  • Claims are processed frequently.
  • Accounts receivable analysis.
  • Productivity reports are approved on a weekly and monthly basis.
  • Codes are analyzed regularly,
  • Fee schedules must be evaluated for updates.
 Our billers have been tracking the reimbursement rate, declining for over a decade. They have also investigated the quick fix to this dip. These billers can assist you in unlocking blocked cash flows and facilitate you with updated methods to improve the efficiency of your practice.
Nursing home medical billing

Key factors in choosing us as a best medical billing service provider

Medical employees are highly trained to help patients, and nursing home billing RCM paperwork is frequently the source of stress and decreased job satisfaction. I med claims is solely dedicated to nursing home billing revenue cycle management (RCM) and has the best medical billing staff who are licensed and experienced in nursing home billing. Our unique idea makes the process efficient and straightforward, beginning with our specialized nursing home billing software that ensures all the most recent code changes are integrated. Our additional RCM services include annual payback, compliance evaluations, bill collection, payer training and certification, and much more.

Our RCM consulting services entail a thorough examination of your revenue management cycle to identify areas of revenue leakage and insert them by assisting in reducing outdated or burdensome processes. We help replace ineffectual software applications with new ones customized to your needs and environment and train people where necessary. We have included local knowledge and understanding, explaining your operational environment and helping you in meeting your state needs.

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