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Neurosurgery billing has seen an unusually significant variety of reforms compared to the majority of the healthcare industry. Our services handle all of your medical billing needs to ensure you have an adequate cash flow while you treat your patients.

Why Is I-Med Claims a trending choice as an outsourcing partner?

I-Med Claims invested time, effort, and assets in becoming a power on neurosurgeon billing necessities to challenge that pattern. That gives our clients the peace of mind that their services will be compensated promptly and correctly. We can ensure that our clients will not lose revenue due to a billing error because of our knowledge and experience with neurosurgery practices. We deliver the claim ourselves if a claim is not paid because of a mistake. We take the concern out of acquiring reimbursement, allowing our clients to concentrate on their treatment. Our staff is trained in HIPPA best practices, so you never have to be concerned about patient confidentiality. We have coders and billers who are both licensed and skilled in medical neurosurgery billing services.

Benefits to hire i-med claims

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Our past years of professional experience in healthcare revenue cycle management results in significant knowledge of the medical coding and billing sector and your practice’s specific needs. We are the best company option because of the precision of our coders, exhaustive attention to detail, and tireless devotion to medical coding, billing, and collections compliance. Our expert knowledge in medical billing includes unrivaled attention to detail and consistent follow-through, resulting in the highest percentage of income for Neurosurgery practices. Our medical billing services begin by customizing a neurosurgery billing process for your practice.

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Our comprehensive range of Neurosurgery Medical Billing includes the following aspects:

  • We adhere to HIPAA regulations.
  • Most advanced digital workflow.
  • Knowledgeable about changes to the Medicare Compliance Guidelines.
  • Stay Up to date on the most recent ICD-10 codes.
  • Market-leading reporting.
  • Physicians have complete access via a secure portal.
neurosurgery medical billing

We consider taking a different approach as the best medical billing services provider

  • We can reduce your error rate because we are well-versed in the CPT codes linked with neurosurgery.
  • Appropriate coding and billing cut down on the time it takes to get paid.
  • Our staff stays current on modifications to statutes, laws, and the ICD 10 so that your staff does not have to.
  • Our expert knowledge in neurology billing and coding allows you and your practice to focus on the core of every business, providing treatment to the patients while avoiding fines and audits.
  • Contact neurosurgeons, healthcare experts, and insurance payers regularly.
  • Modifiers must be used effectively to receive the maximum reimbursement.
  • Regardless of the area of expertise and its difficulties, clean coding and effective billing are essential.
  • Excellent customer service and free trial options.

Benefits of hiring us for neurosurgery medical billing services

Our billing services are a cutting-edge solution to the complicated billing challenges that neurologists face worldwide. When you outsource neurosurgery medical billing services to us, we guarantee that you will receive the payment that would otherwise have been lost or delayed and that you will receive higher reimbursement rates due to accurate billing. Outsourcing neurosurgery medical billing is a wise decision because of the following reasons:


We are a well-known neurosurgery medical billing services provider that easily complies with HIPAA regulations and government laws for greater reimbursement.

Data Security Management

The patient’s administrative and operational data is considered private in medical billing. As a result, we take performance measurements to ensure that the information is managed only by billing and coding experts whom we have appointed.

Precision and dependability

We aim to bring a 95 percent clean claim right from the start. However, we have exceeded expectations by submitting error-free claims with a success rate of 98 percent. Our dedicated coding and billing professionals team shows that the process runs smoothly and efficiently.

Rapid turnaround

Time constraints do not impact us because we have evolved to deal with challenges that require tasks to be completed in a short period. We meet billing duties 35% faster than other vendors with the proper resources, making us the best choice if you require fast neurosurgery medical billing.


It is critical to keep up with regulatory requirements and demand changes as needs evolve. Setting up a small practice with limited resources to manage billing functions is complex, and it is perfect outsource neurosurgery medical billing to us to cut costs on upgrades.

Single point of contact 

Engage with experts who are fully aware of the organization’s objectives, progress, and overall timeline. Save your time and avoid unnecessary hassles by contacting a dedicated controller who will be assigned to you from start to finish.

Medical Billing Software

Not every part of the project will necessitate the participation of skilled professionals, and that is where medical billing software for the automated system comes in. Our expert systems learn and adapt to repeated functions to handle minor resource-intensive tasks.

Neurosurgery Billing and Coding Specialists 

We assign the project to a team of AAPC-certified professionals who are well-versed in the HCPCS, ICD, and CPT coding systems. Our team has more experience in various fields with over ten years of experience in billing.

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