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How does Neonatology Work? Neonatology is a specialized field that can be considered as a part and parcel of pediatrics. This primarily deals with the medical attention that is given to newly-born children, especially the ones born as premature or with an inherent illness. Because of this, the field can be considered as a specialty that is fundamentally hospital based and mostly the treatment is delivered in the Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICUs).

I-Med Claims LLC is one of the leading neonatology EHR services, with Medical Billing & Coding Services Expertise in Neonatology, that provides hospitals and medical providers with quality billing services at lower costs. We understand that the neonatology sector is important for the healthy growth of new-born children and infants. This is why we go the extra mile to ensure that the Revenue Cycle Management for Neonatal Care Centers works properly without any errors. In other words, we are the best at what we do and we take immense pride in the expertise of our medical billing experts. 

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I-Med Claims is one of the leading HIPAA Compliant Neonatology Billing Companies that provides all Neonatal Billing & Coding Services billing services to hospitals offering neonatology healthcare. The neonatology treatment is mainly delivered to infants with the following diseases: 

  • Premature birth
  • Low weight at the time of birth
  • Birth asphyxia
  • Growth restriction of Intrauterine Nature 
  • Sepsis
  • Certain disabilities including Congenital malformations 
  • Pulmonary hypoplasia
Palliative care billing

It is obvious from the above-mentioned Neonatology Billing Guidelines that it is a highly sensitive part of the U.S. healthcare system. Hence, it needs a smooth Revenue Cycle Management that helps in establishing a strong practice management solution for Neonatologists without causing any delays in the treatment. As a neonatologist, one is responsible for the lives of many infants who need treatment for healthy recovery. This is why neonatologists in the United States prefer to outsource their RCM to best Neonatology Billing Services such as I-Med Claims LLC

Ensuring Higher Revenues for Neonatology Practices

There is no doubt there are multiple benefits of our Neonatology Billing Services for the population at large. However, this fact is only worth appreciating when these practices are rewarded for their services as well. This is why I-Med Claims has worked to develop strong Neonatology billing reimbursement systems that ensure optimum monetary revenues for neonatology practices. This means that the more Neonatal Billing For Medical Practices is used for the billing of healthcare of infants, the more skyrocketing revenues are generated. As a result, the overall health care system is improved and the number of any such grievances are negligible.

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As mentioned earlier, I-Med Claims has some of the best Neonatology billing consultants and experts in the country. We are operating across the 50 states with a 99% claim rate. This means that by outsourcing your neonatology billing to our neonatology billing specialist, you can get massive incentives and make high revenues. Moreover, you can talk to our experts anytime as we are available 24/7 to help you in case any need arises. You can thus easily Outsource Neonatology Billing Services with I-Med Claims to improve your performance in the healthcare sector. 

So what are you waiting for? get the best quote for Neonatology Billing to Come and join us on this journey to make Neonatology more accessible, convenient, and profitable for hospitals and private practices as well.

Neonatology Billing FAQs

Neonatologists are basically pediatricians who specialize in healthcare provision to newly-born children and infants who have high risk associated with them. These services are provided mostly in the delivery room or the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. 

In order to make a newborn eligible for insurance, one has to enroll him/her within 30 days of birth by contacting the insurance provider.

As the patient is admitted and care is provided, the claim will be filed to the insurance and a yellow informational copy will be given to the parents of the child. In case of any outstanding balance, a bill will be issued to the insured.

I-Med Claims LLC is a quality medical billing company that won’t nickel and dime you for its services. We charge around 2.95% of the monthly collections and provide you with the most convenient billing solutions according to your needs. 

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