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Infectious Disease Billing Service

We have offered expert and dependable infectious disease services to individual health care providers, hospitals, and clinics. Our customized electronic health records services are available at affordable rates.

Why Is I-Med claims a trending choice as an outsourcing partner?

We have a team of specialized infectious disease billing and certified coding specialists who can guarantee that your claims are paid when submitted. We provide you with peace of mind by utilizing best-practice processes and ensuring that your infectious disease billing is always performed properly. Our team stays on top of all recent additions for you and your infectious diseases practice. Our medical billing services begin with creating a billing process that is tailored to the specific needs of your practice. We handle all of your medical billing needs to ensure you have an adequate cash flow. Over 95% of our claims are paid on the first submission, and the average client’s AR is 20 days.

Benefits to hire i-med claims

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Complete Solution for
Infectious Disease Revenue Cycle Management

Optimum solution for revenue cycle management

Our Revenue Cycle Management solutions have been implemented to capture revenue from claims remittances, patients, and evidence-based data. Accumulating from all of these references will assist in securing your practice’s health care payouts and allowing it to become more financially viable. We understand the challenges that healthcare organizations face today, so we provide effective solutions in the form of infectious disease offerings. Our solutions are customized, qualified, cost-effective, and simple to implement.

Infectious disease billing

Our comprehensive range of infectious diseases billing services includes the following aspects:

  • Complex infections necessitate different solutions and treatment methods, which must be precisely monitored and documented.
  • Our experience allows us to conduct dependable follow-ups and assistance in obtaining regular payments and reimbursement rates.
  • Ensuring that the complicated procedures and care provided are accurately represented in the coding of services will facilitate reimbursement. 
  • We take precautions to protect patient confidentiality, which reduces security breaches.
  • We’ve considered the uncertainty and stress of the medical billing and coding process for infectious disease practices.
Infectious disease medical billing

How can I-med Claims increase profits while reducing administrative and operational costs in your infectious diseases practice?

We have been chosen as the provider of infectious disease billing services by healthcare organizations worldwide. We have a large workforce, top medical operational procedures, and the most up-to-date tools and software to provide reliable, compliant, and timely solutions to all healthcare-related difficulties. 

  • Follow-up on all insurance claims.
  • Customized “superbill” design, as well as comprehensive reporting and analysis.
  • In-house patient collection and follow-up are aggressive.
  • Swabbing and submission of claims.
  • Charge capture.
  • Management of denials.
  • Patient payments.
  • Insurance payments. 

Benefits of hiring us for infectious disease billing services

Our services are highly accurate, reliable, and quickly as a leading infectious disease service provider and partner for many practices. Outsourcing infectious disease services to I-med claims provides several benefits include:

Data security

We take the most stringent security precautions for each project. We are highly capable of dealing with any security risk.

High-Quality Services

We have licensed and talented experts, an undisrupted internet connection, modern tools, world-class infrastructural facilities, and to guarantee that infectious disease services are available smoothly and following HIPAA.

Highly Qualified Team

We have a productive workforce of qualified professionals with several years of consistent infectious disease project management experience. When you outsource infectious disease billing services to us, we assign you a manager who will serve as your SPOC (single point of contact) and work closely with you throughout the project.

Safe Data Sharing

We have good security systems in place and encrypted data transmission protocols as the world’s leading provider of infectious disease billing services. 


We have established centers in four different world regions to manage all time zones.  In addition, we have a large call center support team that works at other hours to resolve all of our customer’s queries and problems.


Our services can offer precise solutions tailored to your specific needs. You completely remove the need for software, employing experts, and possessing the workspace when you consider outsourcing infectious disease billing services to us. 

Exceptional Scalability

We have the most up-to-date tools and software, effective experts, and other assets to provide clients with scalable services. Our clients are available to keep increasing their infectious disease requirements.

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