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Why Outsource Medical Billing Services? 5 Critical Reasons!

Medical billing and healthcare revenue cycle management services are the non-medical obligations of every healthcare practice. They are the most significant backend procedures that accelerate the business growth of a medical care business. Medical billing specialists are the invisible engines in the healthcare machinery who file claims, collect revenue & contribute to the growth of a healthcare business. 

At the same time, running a medical billing cycle is a very demanding & challenging task as well. When healthcare providers can’t access the required skilled manpower & suitable resources for medical billing services then they opt for a well-experienced medical billing agency. So they can help them with complex billing procedures, quickly collect payments from all payers & expedite their business growth.

I-Med Claims provide highly reliable medical billing services at a very cost-effective rate. Here’s how we assist you through the medical billing cycle & streamline revenue growth for your business.

We Provide Professional Expertise For Medical Billing Services

A well-experienced medical billing company can mentor medical practitioners & help them improve their revenue cycle management. Likewise, I-Med Claims has more than a decade of experience in medical billing services & solutions.

We have helped a multitude of physicians, hospitals and specialists to excel in their revenue growth with reliable medical billing solutions. We provide a dedicated workforce that supervises your medical billing cycle from claim preparation, medical billing, claims submission to revenue collection. 

We ensure accuracy throughout the medical billing process & submit claims timely without delays. In this way, we make sure that your claims are reimbursed at the first attempt which helps you collect your payments faster and more efficiently.

We Help You Improve Your Revenue & Business Growth

I-Med Claims go to extreme lengths & ensure that your claims are prepared & submitted the right way. Therefore, our medical billing specialists use innovative and state-of-art billing software solutions to verify and scrub your claims prior to submission.

Also, we create a log & note down the timelines of every healthcare insurance company. In this way, our medical billing specialists successfully submit claims before the deadline. To ensure that all your claims are approved & reimbursed once and for all.  Even after submission, we rigorously Follow-Up with clearinghouses, primary, secondary & tertiary payers to make sure your claims are paid at the right time.

Our claim denial rate is even less than 1% or not at all (in the majority of cases). However, even if your claim is returned back by payers without being paid then our claim denial management specialists cover your medical billing cycle. We reevaluate your denied/ rejected claims with the help of our account receivable recovery specialists & eradicate errors from denied/ rejected claims. Then we appeal your claims again and recover your outstanding balance.

We Offer Well-Secured & Reliable Billing Solutions

Mostly, physicians and healthcare specialists are concerned about the scrutiny and security metrics when outsourcing medical billing services. I-Med Claims is a well-secured, reliable and most-trusted medical billing company in the US.

We provide complete training about the latest rules and regulations of the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) to our employees. They are well-versed with the significance of authenticity, reliability & scrutiny required to proceed with Protected Health Information (PHI).

We only collect PHI from applicable sources required to proceed with your medical bills. We use well-encrypted medical billing software that prevents your patient’s data from unauthorized access or security risks.

I-Med Claims has always ensured to provide the most reliable medical billing services to healthcare providers in the US. So they can focus on delivering high-quality patient care services & expedite their business growth without any hassle.

We Offer Cost-Effective Medical Billing Services

In an in-house medical billing department, healthcare providers have to pay for office utilities, paid holidays, employees’ salaries, annual bonuses, absentees, sick leaves & federal taxes. It sums up a huge amount & expenses for a  healthcare business, clinic & independent physician practice.

However, when you outsource medical billing services to a cost-effective billing agency then it helps you save your capital investment. Likewise, I-Med Claims offers simple, highly responsive & very economical medical billing services in the US. We charge just 2.95% from your paid claim. It means we also get paid only when we bring revenue for your business. You can have a better experience of well-functioning medical billing services and also get an opportunity to increase your savings & revenue altogether with our billing experts.

You Find More Time To Focus On Quality Patient Care Services

It is essential for healthcare providers to ensure that they are delivering quality patient care services to excel in their career growth. The healthcare industry is critically backed up by strict rules and regulations. Therefore, healthcare providers have to concentrate on the patients rather than deviating their focus in multi-tasking.

When you outsource medical billing services to I-Med Claims then we take charge of your medical billing cycle & provide robust backend support.  We file every claim with high precision to improve claim reimbursement progress. It helps you save time and invest it wisely in the core values of your business i.e. providing quality patient care services.

Save your time & capital investment and earn better revenue on investment. I-Med Claims offers simple, secure & reliable medical billing services to physicians, specialty practitioners & hospitals. Call at 866-886-6130 to schedule a free demo with our medical billing experts.

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