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Why Do Pathologists Need Billing Services?

Pathology is a medical specialty that studies the characteristics and causes of diseases. It is the foundation of all aspects of medicine, from diagnostic testing and chronic illness monitoring to cutting-edge genetic study and blood transfusion innovations. Pathology is essential in the diagnosis of all cancers. It underpins all facets of patient care, from diagnostic testing and treatment recommendation to the use of cutting-edge genetic technologies and disease prevention. Pathologists are vital in researching, advancing medicine, and developing new treatments to combat viruses, infections, and diseases like cancer. Pathologists are medical specialists who study disease causes and how conditions affect our bodies by measuring trends in tissues, blood, and other bodily fluids.

What Is Medical Billing And Coding? 

Medical billing is the method of generating and receiving payment for healthcare services. Healthcare experts must carefully complete each step of the billing process to get reimbursement from insurance companies. Errors or omissions made throughout the process frequently result in claims being rejected.

Medical billing applications necessitate a substantial amount of paperwork. Some applications can take up to ten hours to complete. They are also frequently denied, so healthcare providers must restart the time-consuming procedure. The terminology used to evaluate healthcare diagnoses, processes, services, and equipment is referred to as medical coding. It employs alphanumeric codes, with each code representing a distinct aspect of the medical industry. When billing for services, medical codes must be used correctly. Pathologists can use medical codes to demand payment for a patient’s diagnosis, treatment, services, materials, and equipment. All of this information is then saved in the individual’s health records. Medical codes are typically classified into one of three groups. A pathologist may encounter codes from any or all of these code sets depending on the area of medicine in which they work.

  1. ICD codes (International Classification of Diseases)
  2. CPT codes (Current Procedure Terminology)
  3. Common Procedure Coding System in Healthcare (HCPCS)

These codes were developed by the American Medical Association (AMA). Every year, they add new CPT codes to the list and eliminate codes that are no longer required. Pathologists and other health professionals frequently hire professional billing services to handle this business area due to the complexity of billing and coding and the time it needs to complete.

Importance Of Medical Billing And Coding Services For Pathologists 

Pathologists frequently find it difficult to receive full reimbursement for their services. Medical billing is difficult and time-consuming, but it is necessary to obtain successful client payments. A streamlined medical billing and coding process is essential to all medical practices. It may be a small section, but it contains codes for various medical tests such as blood tests, hematology, drug tests, urinalysis, etc. If it goes unaccounted for, a lot of potential revenue can be lost. Physicians can lose up to 20% of their potential revenue if they are not counted. Understanding the complicated rules that insurance companies frequently employ to determine pathology claims is critical. As a result, pathology billing necessitates attention to detail, and precise data collection and auditing are required to maximize revenue. You can rest assured that if you outsource your medical billing to expert pathology medical billing services, you will start receiving payment on time. 

Why Pathologists Need Professional Billing Services 

Pathologists face enormous challenges and meet requirements in today’s ever-changing health sector, such as revenue cycle management, contract negotiations, compliance, and strategic growth. As a result, finding a business partner who knows the problems and requirements of today’s pathology practice is essential. Pathology practitioners face declining payments, shifting payment models, and competitive forces. Pathology practices must improve medical billing and coding efficiency and effectiveness to maximize revenues and provide an effective Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) procedure. That includes proper diagnostic coding, fee schedule analysis, and practice management. Precise diagnostic coding is required to lower the rate of payment refusals by third-party payers.

Advantages Of Using A Professional Billing Service

Hiring a dedicated billing and coding service has several key advantages. Among the most important considerations are:

Increase Revenue

Outsourcing medical billing is a valuable service that increases income for their clients. Medical practices lose substantial cash each year due to denied claims. Outsourcing to medical billing companies ensures a steady production of claims and protects against revenue leakage. A consistent cash flow is essential to the success of your medical office.

Consistent Cash Flow

If you have a team of experienced medical billing experts who concentrate on filing and reviewing claims before sending them to payers, it helps maintain cash flow. Choosing a reputable medical billing company will ensure the expansion of your healthcare practice by reducing the number of outstanding days. A smooth and quick claiming process ensures predictable cash flow because there are fewer claim denials or rejections.

Lowers Overhead Costs

Partnering with a reputable medical billing company lowers overhead costs by shifting your cost structure from a fixed departmental cost to a variable cost directly related to the net revenue obtained. Medical billing department expenditures typically connected with net collections are a good thought because billing fees fluctuate on how well the practice performs regarding patient visit volume and accumulating net receipts. When patient visits and reimbursements are down, bring your medical billing fees; when they are up, it justifies paying higher fees for higher volume. This relationship works especially well during periods of uncertain patient volume, which most practices are currently experiencing.

Focus On Your Patients

Your employees will not only be freed up to do other things, but they will also be able to focus more on your patients. This is critical if your practice is small and you cannot afford a large staff. It ensures that your small faculty can handle patients peacefully.

It also allows your doctors more time to see each patient, ensuring they receive quality care. Customers will appreciate the ability to get answers to their questions and service that isn’t hampered because your receptionist is also handling billing and taking phone calls. This is also why you’ll see a rise in revenue. The medical industry is highly competitive, and you must have the best technology and employees to succeed. Patients consider these factors and go where they can obtain most of them. If you spend your free time stressing about medical billing, a competitor will undoubtedly overtake you.

Reduces The Possibility Of Errors

Medical billing involves numerous complex codes that are constantly changing. Medical billing professionals who outsource must keep up with these developments. Employing a medical billing service also reduces the number of rejected claims due to mistakes. Again, they receive extensive training to learn how to submit claims properly. You’ll have a steady income flow, which will benefit your facility tremendously.

How I-Med Claims Facilitates The Pathologist?

I-Med Claims offers pathology medical billing services to pathology practices. We can ensure that the pathology practices receive the highest possible reimbursement from insurance companies. Pathologists can spend more time concentrating on patients and laboratory requirements. Working with us can help ensure compliance with regulatory bodies such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). We can assist you in lowering the number of rejected claims. That increases payment collection rates, which ultimately improves your bottom line. Outsourcing is ideal for pathology professionals needing medical billing and coding assistance. We merge our resources and years of experience to help maximize medical professionals’ income. We offer premium services, ensuring that clients receive a significant return on their reimbursements.

 Our extensive billing services include the following:

  • Substantial reductions in A/R days
  • Follow-ups, claims, and payment collections
  • Improve your efficiency, cash flow, and practice management
  • Contract negotiations for insurance
  • A sharp decrease in denials 
  • Comprehensive data security

We support pathologists in receiving their medical credentials as quickly as possible. That enables them to broaden their client base, resulting in more business. We recognize that other pathology billing services require a longer commitment. As a result, we offer our services month-to-month basis, giving our clients more flexibility. We have a track record of providing customized medical billing services that significantly decrease operating costs while increasing revenue through delay-free and denial-free medical claim reimbursement. 

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