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Top Medical Billing and Coding Certification Programs

The medical billing and coding industry has witnessed a massive influx of coders and billers coming in from all over the world with an aim to earn a living as well as contribute to the effectiveness of the workflow in the medical billing realm. This is why a number of organizations have sanctioned themselves to provide medical billing and coding certification programs through authorized accreditation to potential medical billers who are looking to be a part of the medical billing industry. 

This article will provide you with some of the major ways you can get yourself accredited and authorized to become a part of the medical billing and coding fraternity. It will include some of the most popular medical billing programs including diplomas, associate degree programs, BA programs, and other training courses as well. 

Why is Medical Billing and Coding Certification Necessary?

The medical billing industry is estimated to be a billion-dollar industry with scope for students to excel in various subfields. However, this industry is such that it involves dealing with sensitive patient information that is secured under the HIPAA act. This means that with great power comes great responsibility as well. 

In other words, medical billers are expected to be well-versed with all medical billing and coding guidelines. This is only possible when a student is certified by an accredited organization through the provision of hands-on training and mentorship as well. Medical billing companies and medical practices, therefore, look for candidates with such certifications. Hence, it becomes necessary for individuals to pursue medical billing accreditations and certifications if they are looking to excel in this domain and secure their future in a professional medical billing company. 

Medical Billing Certifications and Degrees

As the medical billing sector is quite diverse with enormous potential for growth, there are a number of institutions and sources that are providing online as well as on-campus programs and certificates for the purpose. These programs allow students to get hands-on knowledge and skills in the medical billing domain. Some of them are given below:

Small-scale Diploma Programs or Certifications for Medical Billing

The first and foremost way to earn a medical billing and coding certification program is to enroll in a professional diploma that can provide you with the necessary training and certification for the job. If you have a post-secondary education, you are eligible for the job and you can start pursuing your diploma in medical billing from a professional medical billing institute. 

The benefit of these programs is that career-oriented students can start to focus on their future without any hesitation or confusion. In case a student requires a better understanding of the medical billing and coding domain, he/she can apply to a longer diploma program that is more detailed and provides students with an opportunity to gain theoretical as well as practical experience as well. 

Usually, these programs can cost around $800-$5000 for a total of 5-6 months of training and evaluations. After a little experience and exposure, a student can easily start working as a freelancer or a professional medical biller and coder at a medical billing company. In both cases, the prospects for growth are always there, to begin with. This is primarily because the medical billing industry in the United States is ever-growing and requires talented people to handle intricate revenue cycles for medical practices. 

Enroll in an Associate Degree Program for Medical Coding

The second option for potential medical billers and coders is to enroll in a professional medical billing and coding associate degree program that can open up doors of success for them. This is mainly because associate degree programs have higher worth than normal diploma programs and many employers tend to choose candidates with these associate degrees. 

Normally, such an associate degree program duration comprises 2 years approximately and the overall costs can exceed $7000-$14000 as well. This shows that the overall costs of these associate degree programs are much more compared to the normal diplomas. Students looking to truly excel in the field of medical billing and coding can devote a couple of years to truly understanding the front-end and back-end medical billing processes to earn money lucratively. 

In addition to the field-related subjects, this degree also entails a number of other subjects including mathematics, English, and natural and social sciences as well. This is why such an associate degree program is considered a complete and comprehensive framework for the overall grooming of a student who is looking to excel in a competitive environment. 

A Bachelor’s Degree Program in Medical Billing

Another way for students to be a part of the medical billing and coding fraternity is to enroll in a BA program in medical billing. This means that a student has to devote approximately 4 years of his life to learning the fundamentals as well as advanced mechanisms associated with the medical billing domain. 

Such Bachelor’s programs, however, can be very costly as well. The average cost of a BA degree can be anywhere between $35,000 to $110,000 in the United States. Therefore, only a few students who can actually afford such a high cost are able to enroll in such a 4-year degree program. Moreover, the programs have some highly intricate courses and internship programs that require students to put in their absolute best when it comes to making the revenue cycle management as smooth as possible. 

Nevertheless, the results of such a program are highly lucrative and beneficial for students looking to build their future in this domain. Once graduated, students can earn hefty sums while working as health information technicians and medical service managers. This means that this degree option is a good one for those who are able to afford it and delve into the medical billing industry in a high-value position. 

Purchase a Professional Training Course

An easy way to be a part of the medical billing industry is to enroll yourself in a professional course that can provide you with the necessary underpinnings in a sub-field. For instance, AAPC is a well-known credentialing organization that is offering professional courses for Certified Professional Coder (CPC), Certified Outpatient Coder (COC), or Certified Inpatient Coder (CIC). Such professional training courses in medical billing can assist medical billers and coders to become authorized and accredited in the industry and provide their services to medical practices across the 50 states. 

Through these courses, you start off your career in the medical billing industry and keep growing as well. For instance, a large number of students enroll in a specific training course to get a know-how of the industry to go on and become a part of a professional degree program as well. Many have chosen to get enrolled in an associate degree program, while many have joined 4-year degree programs as well. 

In any case, such professional training courses are of optimum utility to students who are looking to fathom the fundamentals of medical billing and revenue cycle management. You can enroll in courses that specialize in any of the following:

  • Credentialing and enrollment
  • Eligibility Verification
  • Denial Management, Account Receivables, and Follow-up mechanisms. 
  • Payment Posting and Claim Scrubbing


Other Ways to Earn a Medical Billing and Coding Certification

By now, we’ve covered all the major degree programs and courses that can land you a good position in the medical billing industry. However, if you’re interested in medical billing certification and cannot afford the above-mentioned programs, you can use the following ways to learn and get yourself accredited. 

Online Medical Billing and Coding Programs

There are plenty of online medical billing programs that can provide you with the necessary understanding of revenue cycle management. Such programs are a good way to get started and get yourself familiarized with the fundamental mechanisms followed in the industry. 

Moreover, such programs are a way out for the students who are looking to learn remotely as distance learning is nowadays popular as well in the post-pandemic situation. Therefore, it is always a good idea to enroll in such a program that can get you kick-started in the medical billing and coding industry. 

Usually, these courses are available for free while some of them on platforms such as Coursera or Ed-X are paid. Nevertheless, the rates are highly affordable and anyone can enroll and check their learning outcomes from time to time. 

Accredited Online Programs

Other than the free or private programs available online, you can also choose from a number of accredited programs offered by government agencies. For instance, the major accrediting bodies that are authorizing such programs include:

  • American Health Information Management Association. 
  • The Commission on the Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM), 
  • The American Association of Professional Coders (AAPC)


Conclusion to the Medical Billing and Coding Certification Guidelines

In a nutshell, the process of becoming a medical billing and coding expert is time-taking and requires utmost dedication and commitment. This is why only a few students are able to reach a quality position and secure a 6-figure income in the medical billing sector. Nevertheless, the scope of all the above-mentioned degree and diploma programs is actually quite diverse and effective as well. If a student truly wishes to fathom the revenue cycle management process, he or she can start off with free online courses that will lead him/her to costly but fruitful diplomas, associate degrees, and bachelor’s degree programs. Once a student completes the required certification, he/she can land a good opportunity after gaining a few practical experiences. 

The idea is to have exposure to the medical billing industry, and the more you delve into the industry, the more opportunities will come your way. This means that you can be at any stage of your medical billing and coding journey, but you will be able to earn a living through the provision of services in any sub-section or a particular step in the revenue cycle management. 

We really hope that you found this guide to Medical Billing and Coding Certification useful, and we shall try to keep posting relevant information that can help you in your medical billing journey. You can follow us on multiple platforms including LinkedIn. Our medical billing specialists are eager to spread knowledge related to the industry at all levels. 

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