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I-Med Claims LLC provides quality Preventive Care medical billing without nickel-and-diming you for monetary costs but rather to provide true value.

What is Preventive Care?

Preventive Care is considered to be an important field in the healthcare industry, dealing with the provision of services related to the prevention, detection, and early identification of medical issues before they exacerbate. These include various kinds of flu shots, annual as well as monthly check-ups, and immunization injections. Moreover, different screenings and tests can also be done in order to save patients from potential diseases and infections. Such tests are conducted on a routine basis and this is why Preventive Care is also termed routine care.

Benefits of Outsourcing Preventive Care Billing

Preventive Care billing is considered to be a tricky one primarily because of its diverse nature. This means that there are a number of preventive lab tests and screenings, along with annual check-ups for different purposes. As a result, the overall preventive billing process becomes highly complicated and consumes a large magnitude of time. This negatively impacts the revenue collection of the practices along with the preventive care provision. In the Preventive Care billing FAQs, the most often ones are related to the benefits:

Preventive care medical billing

Here are some of the major benefits of outsourcing preventive care billing to I-Med Claims LLC:

  1. Increment in Monthly collections
  2. Improvement in the Revenue Cycle Management 
  3. Independence to work without worrying about claim reimbursements. 
  4. Reducing Claim Denials to a Negligible level (99% Claim Rate)
  5. Better Preventive Care provision for patients. 
  6. Improvement in the Workflow, leading to better productivity. 

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Why Choose I-Med Claims for Preventive Care Billing solutions?

I-Med Claims LLC is one of the leading Preventive Care billing companies specializing in the nuances of preventive care billing. This is why most preventive care practices choose to collaborate with our preventive medicine consultants who are well-versed in the ICD coding for preventive medicine. This means that you can easily trust our services and work with us to make healthcare smooth and more productive for yourself as well as for the patients in a variety of preventive care specialties including:

  • Aerospace Medicine
  • Clinical Informatics
  • Medical Toxicology
  • Occupational Medicine
  • Public Health and General Preventive Medicine
  • Undersea and Hyperbaric Medicine

We have 1000+ preventive care medical billers working across the United States, who excel in the provision of quality Preventive Care medical billing services. This shows our credibility and strength and allows us to maintain a 99% Claim reimbursement rate. So hop on the bandwagon, and try our services to grow and prosper.

List of Preventive Care Services

Here are a few examples of preventive care services along with the chronological:

Annual Check-up: Usually one check-up per year, is designed to check for all existing or potential medical problems in the patient. The medical providers, also known as the Primary Care Providers (PCP), check for both physical as well as psychological or emotional issues as well. Therefore, medical providers are able to track these issues early on and contribute to a healthy lifestyle for patients.

One Flu Shot Per Year: It is common for patients to get the flu shot per year and usually it is covered entirely in the health insurance plans. It prevents environment-related flu from affecting the health of patients.

Colonoscopy: This is typically done once every 10 years, usually after the age of 50. It is done in order to screen for colon cancer and its symptoms.

Preventive care medical billing

Mammogram: This is done once per calendar year, and usually after the age of 40. It includes preventive or routine care such as X-rays of breast tissue to screen for symptoms of cancer and other similar medical defects. Some insurance plans may also cover costs for 3D imaging.

Vaccinations: These are usually administered during the childhood of the patient and include boosters as required. Vaccinations are done to prevent diseases like mumps, measles, polio, etc.

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