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Optometry Billing for Optimum Revenue Collection

Optometry Billing Services

The optic nerve in our eyes contains more than a million nerve fibers and is considered to be one of the most complex parts of our body. However, in case of any defects or abnormalities in the eye structure, Optometrists examine the eye to solve such problems. As difficult as it sounds, the optometry billing services for this treatment are also quite intricate and known to cause obstructions for practices in their revenue cycle management. 

As a result, the patient’s health along with the Optometrist’s revenue collection is compromised. This is why optometric practices must be willing to outsource their Optometry billing to a professional optometry billing company for better claim reimbursements and revenue collection.

Benefits of Outsourcing Optometry Billing

Well, as an Optometrist, if you’re struggling to get control over your Accounts Receivables and Insurance claims, then outsourcing the optometry billing and coding to I-Med Claims is a beneficial option. Yes, that is a good choice if you’re having trouble finding trained Optometry billers who understand the medical billing codes and nuances. We’ve enlisted some of the major benefits of outsourcing optometry billing services below: 

  • Quick follow-ups on unpaid claims. 
  • Minimum Account Receivables.
  • Having a professional resource for your Optometry billing.
  • Improving the entire Revenue Cycle Management. 
  • Monthly AR reports for Optometry Practices to Track trends
Optometry Billing

Benefits to hire i-med claims

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Giving Optometrists Control Over Cash Flow

Optometry Medical Billing Services

Independent Optometry practices need to ask themselves this question more often: “Are we really independent?”. The answer to this is solely dependent on whether these practices have sufficient control over their billing and overall cash flows. Studies have suggested that a large number of practices still struggle with effective claim reimbursements and this takes away the independent nature of such practices. 

However, the situation isn’t bad as it might seem because I-Med Claims is amongst the best Optometry billing companies in the market, providing end-to-end revenue cycle management and optometry medical billing services for practices.

Yes, you heard that right! We at I-Med Claims can provide you with the much-needed space and autonomy to focus on your healthcare treatment and let us do the accountancy and audits for better cash flow. We provide optometry billing services for the following optometry 

  • Behavioural Optometry
  • Geriatric Optometry
  • Low Vision Therapy
  • Neuro- Optometry
  • Paediatric Optometry

In addition to this, we also provide billing services for practices who are dealing with sports vision, senior care, aesthetics, contact lenses, myopia, and patients with dry eyes as well. 

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Why Outsource Optometry Billing to I-Med Claims

Another Optometry billing FAQ is, “How would a practice be able to find the right Optometry billing service for the job?” Well, as an Optometrist, you just have to google “best Optometry billing companies near me” to find some of your area’s best billing companies. However, an even better way is to do a simple search for I-Med Claims LLC which is more than just an average billing company—It’s a billing partner for independent practices. This means that you’ll get a complete end-to-end revenue cycle management package that’ll uplift your company’s revenue in no time.  

This is true because I-Med Claims LLC is a nationwide medical billing organization that has over 1000+ billing experts working across 50 states. Working with us is a corporate venture that’ll contribute to accelerated growth for your practice. You can quickly improve your revenue collections while still putting the onus of your focus on the bottom line, which is the healthcare provided to patients.

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