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The Dilemma of Critical Care Billing

Critical care billing is considered to be starkly different from the billing process of other medical specialties. For instance, a patient is admitted to the hospital due to a septic shock, and doctors initiate the Critical Care provision. However, the dilemma arises when, for instance, the surgical critical care billing procedure is about to begin as the critical care billing is based on the overall time and nature of critical care provision. Consequently, practices need to watch their clocks and focus on the extent of their service while billing critical care time. This is why doctors and critical care providers find it very tricky to bill for critical care in a smooth and effective manner.

What Constitutes Critical Care?

Critical Care Medical Billing Services

To bill for Critical Care services, it is imperative to first define what constitutes Critical Care. Fundamentally, Critical Care is defined as the provision of instant and direct healthcare by a physician to patients who are facing a critical illness or instability. This is also why its billing process is also known as critical care emergency medicine billing. Further, such a patient might have an affected organ vital to the body, leading to life-threatening conditions. Therefore, the fact that a patient’s condition is radically deteriorating makes him/her eligible for critical care and he/she shall be billed keeping in mind the nuances of the Critical Care billing procedures. 

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The Fundamentals of Critical Care Billing

Just like other healthcare specialties, Critical Care is also based on specific coding as mentioned below:

99291: For Critical care, evaluation & management; the first 30-75 minutes of the critical care provision.

99292: For Critical care, each additional 30 minutes

An important thing to note here is that a doctor must attend at least 30 minutes in order to be able to carry out for EM critical care billing, and the following activities constitute critical care provision. 

  1. Attending the patient by his bedside. 
  2. Time consumed in reviewing a patient’s recovery, reviewing medical history, and consulting other physicians regarding the case as well. 
  3. Lastly, the time consumed in discussing treatment options with the family for the patient’s progress and prosperity. 
Critical Care Medical Billing

List of Critical Care Services Authorized for Billing

Here is a list of the critical care services that comprise of the criteria for billing critical care time:

  • Pulse oximetry


  • Vascular Access Procedures

36000, 36410, 36415, 36450, 36600.

  • Chest X-rays Interpretation


  • Interpretation of blood gasses and cardiac output


  • Ventilator Management

94002-94004, 94660, 94662

  • Gastric Intubation

43752, 91105

  • Temporary Transcutaneous Pacing


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