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Allergy and Immunology billing can be difficult to manage with increasing workload for practices. Try our specialized medical billing for optimum results.

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Allergy and immunology healthcare is as important as any other specialty in the U.S. healthcare system. Practices across the United States have witnessed growth in patients seeking this kind of care owing to the rise in environmental pollution and viral infections. As a result, the concerned immunology specialists are highly occupied with their tight schedules and barely have time to focus on tasks of secondary nature. These tasks primarily include the allergy and immunology billing that needs to be done with delicacy and precision.

I-Med Claims LLC: Your Reliable Medical Billing Company in the United States

When it comes to medical billing allergies and immunotherapy, we’re the best in the game. I-Med Claims LLC is a trust-worthy medical billing company that can be relied upon to provide quality allergy immunotherapy documentation requirements. All relevant standards are maintained during the billing process and we have over 1000+ medical billing experts certified by the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC). 

This goes to show that all AMA and CMS rules and guidelines would be followed to ensure quality coding in CPT, ICD-9, and HCPCS as well. Furthermore, practices are satisfied after knowing that our billing mechanisms are completely HIPAA compliant and guarantee privacy of information. Consequently, a number of private practices, billings clinics immunology practices, professional practitioners, hospitals, and even diagnostic centers offering allergy diagnosis have switched to outsource their medical billing with I-Med Claims LLC.

Benefits to hire i-med claims

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Keeping Up with Allergy and Immunology Standards

Here are some of the relevant standards and credentials observed strictly at I-Med Claims LCC during the Immunology billing process.

  • AAPC Certification with all standards ensured.
  • Completely trained and skilled workforce with specialties in asthma and allergy clinic billing software such as Medic, Medisoft, Lytec, NextGen, and numerous other as well. 
  • Skilled in Flashcode, EncodePro, and Codelick along with other such coding software. 
  • Following all CMS guidelines to ensure family allergy billing coding in CPT, ICD-CM coding in diagnosis, and HCPCS procedure as well. 
  • A proper history and track record of managing allergy billing coding for both small and large-scale medical providers in the healthcare sector. 
  • Training in strong negotiation and conflict resolution practices to deal with Medicaid policies specific to different states. 
Allergy and Immunology Medical Billing

A Medical Billing Approach Catering to All Allergy and Immunology Disciplines

Allergy and Immunology

At I-Med Claims LLC, we aim to provide a versatile range of services that cater to the entire range of disciplines within the allergy and immunology practice. Here are some of the fundamental disciplines where our allergy billing services in immunology can be utilized effectively. 

  • Developmental Immunology Practice
  • Reproductive Immunology Practice
  • Diagnosis Immunology Practice
  • Classical Immunology Practice
  • Clinical Allergy and Immunology Practice
  • Developmental Immunology Billing
  • Carolina Asthma and Allergy Billing

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Why Choose Us for Immunology Billing Services?

Allergy Immunotherapy billing depends on quality practices including insurance enrollment and verification, patient enrollment in the medical process, coding practices, claim denial appeals, and other physician credentialing processes as well. This means that by choosing us, you can easily benefit from a number of family allergy and asthma billing services ensuring the following competitive advantages:

  • Skyrocketing revenues with 99% claim reimbursement rate.
  • Quicker realization of A/R’s.
  • Compliant and efficient billing practices
  • Reduction in the Audit Risks
  • Regular QA Checking

In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, our organization ensures strong medical billing management and quality coding through up-to-date practices. All standards are met and we try our best to comply with all ICD-10 coding systems as well as the 5010 version of HIPAA compliance as well. 

This shows that patient privacy is our top priority and allergy treatment billing is done with utmost delicacy and proactive processing. To sum it up, I-Med Claims is an advanced allergy billing company that is working across the 50 states with trained and skilled medical experts having decades of billing experience. Contact us now to get the best quotes in the market!

Allergy and Immunology Billing FAQs

There are two types of allergy shots: the first one is the serum and the second one is the injection. According to the billing process, the serum will be charged first while the injection will be charged afterwards. 

The allergy shot hours differ from physician to physician and depend upon the overall schedule of the physician.

According to statistical data, Immunotherapy or allergy shorts are witnessed to be approximately 80% effective after half a decade of theraphy.

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