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With over 1000+ experts working across the United States, I-Med Claims provides Acupuncture Medical Billing Services compliant with all quality standards.

Acupuncture Billing Services and its Major Benefits

What is acupuncture billing? Well, to be fundamentally honest; Acupuncture Billing is considered to be one of the most intricate billing mechanisms used by doctors across the United States. This is mainly due to the fact that acupuncture billing codes tend to change consistently and the acupuncture reimbursement rates are always tricky to manage.

This is why doctors mostly try to outsource acupuncture billing tasks to medical billing companies in order to save time and focus entirely on the provision of quality acupuncture healthcare to patients. I-Med Claim is one such organization that excels in providing quality acupuncture medical billing to medical providers and here are some of the major benefits of outsourcing your medical billing to get high collections and reduce denials. 

Benefits to hire i-med claims

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Acupuncture Billing Experts at I-Med Claims LLC

Outsourcing your acupuncture billing to I-Med Claims means that you are actually outsourcing to acupuncture billing specialists in a professional medical billing company that understands all nuances related to the field. Our billing experts understand the following acupuncture related issues:

  • Intricacy involved in the Billing codes and rules.
  • All terminologies related to acupuncture.
  • Ways to improve acupuncture claim reimbursements.
  • Accessibility to patient data and other financials round the clock. 
  • A completely transparent and smooth revenue cycle management process.
  • Multiple changes and variation in the acupuncture codes. 
  • Other operative and official notes.
Acupuncture Billing Services

Outsourcing your Acupuncture Medical Billing to I-Med Claims LLC

I-Med Claims LLC is an experienced billing company that enables doctors, healthcare practitioners, and private practices to achieve quality growth with high revenues and low billing errors. As a result, all medical providers feel satisfied with constant communication by our skilled team of medical billing consultants working day in and day out. Hence, we take pride in the fact that we have served practices across the 50 states with a 99% claim reimbursement rate. In other words, we’re the right people for the right job. 

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Acupuncture Revenue Cycle Management

What are the Benefits of Acupuncture Billing Services?

There are numerous benefits for outsourcing acupuncture medical billing services like I-Med Claims LLC, and some of them are mentioned below:

Serving Patients with Complete Focus and Dedication

Usually, with heaps of billing work, doctors are not able to focus on the provision of Acupuncture healthcare to patients. As a consequence, both the doctors as well as the patients have to suffer because of inadequate focus on what actually matters. Therefore, our medical billing codes and acupuncture insurance billing can actually free up most of your time and enable you to work with strong dedication in the healthcare sector. 

Increment in Revenue with Smooth Payments

The overall revenue cycle time has a massive impact on the claim reimbursements. This is why outsourcing your acupuncture billing work to I-Med Claims will help in getting those claims accepted faster and reduce the number of errors causing delays in the process. Because of this, you will surely experience a hike in the revenues. 

Commitment to Patient Satisfaction

The healthcare sector’s primary role is to serve the patients in need of care and medical attention. This is why their satisfaction must be the major priority for doctors, and this is only possible by outsourcing medical billing and focusing on making patients happy. In acupuncture care, patients will be much more satisfied when doctors are taking care of their needs in a focused and determined manner.

Up-to-date and Highly Compliant Services

As the healthcare sector witnessed a number of changes, it is important for medical practitioners to stay updated with all the latest advancements. Moreover, the acupuncture codes, as mentioned earlier, are subject to constant change and it is necessary for doctors to outsource billing and coding for acupuncture to companies such as I-Med Claims LLC.

Why Choose Us for Acupuncture Billing?

If you’re still wondering whether to choose our acupuncture billing specialists for your acupuncture billing or not, after all the above-mentioned benefits, then listen to this. I-Med Claims is the real deal in the medical billing sector as we’re much more than a claims processing center with a dedicated team of 1000+ medical billing experts. This is because of the multiple benefits being offered alongside the acupuncture billing services in the USA, resulting in quick growth of acupuncture practices. By applying our complete billing solutions, practices have reduced their overall office expenses and increased revenues with a smooth revenue cycle management process. Get the best quote for acupuncture billing by contacting us at the earliest.

Acupuncture Billing FAQs

Acupuncture is a traditional method of biochemically stimulating the central nervous system by using small needles in order to facilitate muscle growth and rehabilitation.

The medical billing process done in order to file claim reimbursements to insurance companies for the acupuncture healthcare provision is known as Acupuncture Billing.

Usually, the procedure codes involved are as follows:

99241-45: Consultation in Office

99201-05: Office Visit by a new patient

99211-15: An established office visit by a patient

99281-85: An emergency department visit

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