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Medical Billing Services in Illinois

Our medical billers provide comprehensive medical billing and coding services in the state of Illinois and streamline your entire revenue cycle management.

We are offering our premium medical billing services across all cities in Illinois including cities such as Chicago, Naperville, Rockford, etc. We have the industry’s best billers who are able to provide medical practices with a stable and lucrative revenue cycle for growth in the long run. We realize that it’s a difficult task to find a medical billing company in Illinois that suits your medical practice and its revenue cycle objectives. This is why we have devised numerous methodologies to contextualize medical billing and to identify the overall needs and requirements of medical practices for quality medical billing services in Illinois.

Medical billing services in Illinois

A Professional Medical Billing Company in Illinois

I-Med Claims LLC is a professional revenue cycle management firm that is offering the best medical billing and coding services in Illinois. This makes it among the best billing companies for Chicago healthcare providers looking to uplift the revenue collection of their practice. In addition to Chicago, our billers are available to provide medical billing services to other Illinois cities including Peoria, Rockford, Naperville, Evanston, etc. Our team is fully equipped to ensure maximum revenue collection while ensuring compliance and patient information protection simultaneously.

Hence, by outsourcing medical billing in Illinois to I-Med Claims, you can easily save up your money, minimize any claims denials, streamline your revenue cycle and boost revenues at unprecedented levels. Our medical billing services in Chicago are available to both large-scale and small-scale practices that are struggling to ensure high revenue collections within a budget. This means that you won’t see us nickel and dime you for your medical billing, but rather add value to your practice.

Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Billing Services in Illinois

medical billing services in illinois
  • By establishing a strong revenue cycle you can easily outperform your medical billing competitors in Illinois.
  • By removing your RCM worries with I-Med Claims, you can focus on patient care and improve patient satisfaction.
  • By focusing more on your bottom line, you can slowly build a better reputation in the healthcare industry that would eventually contribute to a better brand image for your practice.
  • You can benefit from a smooth revenue cycle that will eventually help your practice grow and scale its operations in the long run.
  • You can keep track of your medical billing services in Illinois with the right reporting and analysis provided by our team of experts in the industry.
  • With our customized medical billing services, you can benefit according to your needs and requirements.

Medical Coding Services in Illinois

Medical coding is considered to be a highly intricate task and often medical coding errors end up costing medical practices in the form of claim denials. This is why our Illinois-based medical billers and coders are trained to ensure accuracy in your medical coding for higher revenue collection. We realize that even the smallest error can cause a claim denial and this is why we invest the best resources to help you revive your practice’s revenue. Our Illinois medical coding professionals are up-to-the-task and provide you with a solid foundation for revenue cycle success in Illinois.

Eligibility Verification Services in Illinois

Eligibility Verification is a highly crucial step in the revenue cycle that has to be performed with accuracy before medical billing is carried out. This is precisely why our eligibility verification services for medical practices in Illinois are targeted to provide high accuracy and ensure a smooth workflow for doctors and physicians in the United States. As a result, healthcare providers in Illinois tend to prefer eligibility verification services by I-Med Claims for the best results including a decrease in eligibility-verification-related denials, an increase in revenue collections, and an improvement in patient satisfaction.

Account Receivable Services in Illinois

Our account receivable services for medical practices in Illinois are devised to ensure that your collection rates are high and payments are received within a particular time frame. We have an entire system that processes invoices and contributes to a smooth revenue cycle workflow. This is why medical providers in Illinois find our accounts receivables services to be the best option to solve their A/R worries. Hence, you can also type “medical billing services near me” in Illinois to find I-Med Claims and get started with your revenue cycle journey.

Retro and Prior Authorization Services in Illinois

Prior Authorization is considered to be one of the most tedious tasks in the entire revenue cycle management. However, our retro and prior authorization services in Illinois are highly effective and provide you with a cost-effective alternative that saves you time and money. If you want to outsource your presets to a professional medical billing service in Illinois, I-Med Claims is the best option.

We have some of the most experienced prior authorization specialists, working round the clock to ensure that your medical practice achieves its revenue collection objectives. Therefore, you should get started with our professional medical billing services in Illinois and establish a lucrative revenue cycle in no time.

Credentialing Services in Illinois

Credentialing is the most important step while starting a healthcare facility or simply a clinic in Illinois. This is why I-Med Claims provides quality credentialing services for practices in cities such as Chicago and ensures that your relationship with insurance companies remains rock solid. I-Med Claims is responsible for negotiating and obtaining contracts with insurance providers and making sure that all contracts are up-to-date with respect to the latest rules and regulations legislated in Illinois.

Out-of-network Negotiation Services in Illinois

I-Med Claims is amongst the very few medical billing services in Illinois that provide practices with out-of-network billing as well. Such out-of-network claims have to be submitted with the right expertise and our experts in out-of-network insurance billing in Illinois are available to do that for you. This makes our medical billing service a perfect choice for medical practices looking for a complete solution for their revenue cycle needs in Chicago, Ill.

Medical Billing Audit Services in Illinois

A medical billing audit requires extensive focus and attention to be carried out in an appropriate manner. This is why I-Med Claims LLC is offering cost-effective medical billing audit services in Illinois for medical practices looking to improve their revenue cycle management.

Our medical billing experts can identify all flaws and vulnerabilities in your workflow and provide you with higher revenue collection. We have a number of matrices on which we gauge the overall working of your medical practice and provide you with ways to improve their revenue cycle.

Therefore, our medical billing services in Illinois are highly beneficial for hospitals, clinics, and other health facilities. Whatever the size of your medical practice, we have the right medical billing solutions for you that can help you stand out with quality patient care in Illinois.

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