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Medical Billing codes for holiday injuries

Ultimate Medical Billing Code Guide To Holiday Injuries

Holiday injuries are considered to be some of the highest reported ones in the United States. This is primarily because of the fact that adventure can be pretty thrilling, but it’s a risky business. According to reports by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (USCPSC), approximately 15,000-20,000 holiday injuries are inflicted just in the month of Christmas leading to an influx of patients during holidays.

This means that December is the month with the highest rates of holiday injuries and therefore, medical providers and practices have to manage them accordingly. As most of the physicians and practices are also on holiday, it is understandable that the complex billing codes thwart them from adequately billing for holiday injuries.

ICD-10 Instead of ICD-9 for Holiday Injury Claims

To be a little more specific, the reports claims that most of the injuries occurred have involved either holiday lights and candles or Christmas trees. Recently, the medical billing codes for holiday injuries have become much more specific as they’ve shifted from the previously-used ICD-9 coding to the ICD-10 coding. Although this provides medical practices and physicians with a more precise way of coding, but it also involved focus and delicacy as well. As a result, hospitals, doctors, and insurance companies are now relying on ICD-10 medical billing codes whenever injury-treatment claims are made.

The Downside to ICD-10 Medical Billing Codes for Holiday Injuries

As mentioned earlier, there are definitely some benefits for practices after the ICD-10 implementation. However, there is a downside to these new medical billing codes for injuries as well. For instance, with the implementation of ICD-10 medical billing for practices, now the scope of coding has increased and there is much more to learn and apply. This means that in order to keep the revenue stream up and going, practices have to excel in the medical coding as well.

In terms of holiday injuries, the codes get even more complex and specific. If these codes are applied in a wrong manner, stringent delays can be caused and even claim denials are also a possibility. In order to avoid this situation, there is a viable option for physicians and practices that includes outsourcing the medical billing process to I-Med Claims LLC. This will allow you to focus on providing healthcare to the patients with holiday injuries, without worrying about claim denials or any delays in the reimbursement process.

A One-Stop Solution ICD Medical Billing Coding

As the holiday season is just approaching, there are a few approaches that can be used to document and file your claim reimbursements. The first one is to hire a dedicated professional who has learned all the ICD-10 coding with optimal efficacy, and the second one involves reaching out to a dedicated medical billing company such as I-Med Claims LLC. By doing this, you’ll be able to save more time and increase your overall focus and productivity while treating patients for holiday injuries.

List of ICD-10 Coding Sample

In order to showcase the overall complexity of these Medical billing codes for Holiday Injuries, we’ve enlisted a small number as a sample. You’ll be happy to know that the codes are widely encompassing a range of injuries, and can be used to file claims for reimbursements quite comprehensively.

Coding for Holiday InjuriesKind of Injury
Z01.00Encounter for inspection of vision minus the abnormal findings
Z75.5Relief for Holiday Injury
W53.21XAAfter been Bitten by squirrel
W61.42XAHit by a turkey
V00.321SFalling while Snow-skiing
W00Falling as a result of snow or ice
T33.09XAA superficial frostbite

As you can see, the nature of injuries is quite diverse and require expertise to be catered to in an adequate manner. Nevertheless, you can call us anytime to avail our medical billing services and get rid of all the hassle associated with the new ICD-10 medical billing codes for holiday injuries.

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