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Enhance Reimbursements with Comprehensive ICD 10 Coding Audit

Enhance Reimbursements with Comprehensive ICD 10 Coding Audit

How Do ICD-10 Auditing Services Assist in Reducing Coding Gaps and Enhance Reimbursements?

It may be difficult for your staff to avoid improper medical Coding and billing practices from going through the gaps in the healthcare world. At the same time, it is evident that this occurs due to miscoding or inadequate documentation. Hospitals and healthcare organizations have to do their best to keep accurate code assignments, optimize reimbursement rates that accurately reflect quality services, minimize denials, and ensure the accuracy of their patient’s records.

The diagnosis code ICD -10 CM is an essential element of Medical Coding that can influence the financial side of the claim if it is not appropriately reported. ICD-10 includes a code set for inpatient procedure reporting and a code set for diagnostic reporting. Assigning proper regulations requires the physician to provide comprehensive and precise clinical documentation of the treatment; yet, with the constant updating of Medical Codes and ever-changing coding requirements, this is becoming increasingly difficult. Coding precision and quality may appear to be a concern. Coding Audit Services can help you eliminate such gaps and enhance overall performance.

Auditing Services can help minimize repeated coding errors and achieve effective Coding, thus increasing overall progress for the RCM process and the financial situation of the Medical Practice. Let’s look at how ICD 10 – Auditing can help with reimbursements.

Quality coding with fewer denials: Coding mistakes may cause claim denials or insufficient payments, preventing you from receiving your due compensation. Practices can assure proper Coding and timely payments by using frequent auditing services.

Analyze Denial Reasons and Prevent Repetition: A regular audit reduces denials and ensures maximum payments. It is also required to identify the underlying cause of denials and correct them immediately. Most denials are the result of following out-of-date regulations or recommendations. Audits look for the root cause of problems to prevent them from happening again.

Efficient RCM Process: A coding Audit is essential not only for finding errors in Medical Coding but also for correcting them and preventing subsequent errors in the other range of services, resulting in an effective RCM process.

With the introduction of ICD-10-CM in 2015 and the continuing COVID 19, CMS and AAPC have made several code-related adjustments and upgrades to keep Medical Codes and recommendations up to date with current demand. With all of these modifications and upgrades, even the most experienced coders are prone to making mistakes and lowering the coding quality percentage. On the other hand, a simplified Auditing procedure can decrease Coding Gaps and increase reimbursement.

While maintaining an audit team has become a standard necessity. It might entail additional costs and work for physicians and practices; however, outsourcing can be an excellent option for professional and cost-effective auditing services.

An expert team of coding auditors can handle complete auditing services while keeping internal and external quality percentages up to the mark, assuring maximum collections and a higher first-pass rate.

Experience Quality ICD-10 Auditing Results With I-Med Claims 

We can provide specialized ICD-10 auditing support to your healthcare facility by providing helpful information and reducing coding errors caused by incorrect coding assignments. Our auditing professionals will assist you in conducting accurate and compliant coding audits regularly, resulting in a much stronger foundation for the healthcare business. Choosing our ICD-10 auditing services can help you significantly reduce errors, mitigate rejections and appeals, and enhance your organization’s healthcare procedures. To know more about our Medical Auditing services, visit our website or call us at 866-886-6130.

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