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How can we assist your dental billing practice?

  • We are ensuring that patients receive medical benefits from medically permitted dental procedures.
  • Patients with medical and dental insurance can quickly divert their acceptable dental procedures to their medical scheme, freeing up their annual dental allowances for other medically non-allowable dental procedures.
  • Your dental medical billing procedure’s success rate will ensure more significant practice revenue.
  • Patients who gain from dental medical billing are likely to refer their friends and family to you, which is invaluable in widening your client base.
  • We provide a competent team of dental coding and billing experts to ensure that their clients’ dental billing claims are fully paid.
Dental Billing Services

Provision of Cost effective medical billing and Coding Services for physicians makes ImedClaims one of the best medical billing company across all 50 states in USA

Dental Billing Services I-Med Claims

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